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The Education You Get Is A Weapon Who’s Effects Will Be Felt By Whom It Is Aimed At And Who Holds It.

The Education You Get Is A Weapon Who’s Effects Will Be Felt By Whom It Is Aimed At And Who Holds It.

Being together with other people gives you the feeling that you are not alone. You have the assurance that there are a lot of you facing the same issue. It is easy to take the presence and contribution of other people for granted until you are left to do something entirely alone.

Today’s message from your angel is on online education. This method of learning has been recently embraced so much because of the incapability of people to meet and the distance that is there despite someone wanting to attend a particular school. Your angel understands the need for learning, which is a never-ending process, and would want you to adapt to the changing methods as they come. Looking more deeply into online education, below are some life lessons you can learn.

Your Purpose Should Be Your Driving Force.

Online education is not an easy thing to commit to even though it is available to most people. It is very easy to go with the crowd and miss all the important experiences and lessons you should learn. To keep you motivated, you have to know why you are attending a class, what skills you want to learn, and how you plan to use the education you get to grow your career? Having a goal and passion will drive you towards working harder and concentrating on your classes even when you have the option of dismissing them. Getting a sense of perspective will help you to refocus the energy you give to the things that matter to you.

Similarly, in life, you cannot live haphazardly without having a vision. It is very easy to feel demotivated when you do not know what you are working towards. In life, you might be married to someone and when the relationship starts going on a tough hill, you want to quit? You might give up on it and choose not to care if it works or not as long as you are not getting what you want. 

You should ask yourself, why are you with this person in the first place? What do you want out of the relationship in the long run? Is it worth working on? Being honest with yourself without wanting to please anyone else can steer your gear on whether to work on something or not. Your angel understands the pressure that comes from wanting to be a part of something that a lot more people are engaging in, but if it is not your thing then do not do it. If you are not interested in something from within, then choose to invest your time in something that matters to you.

Sometimes You Just Have To Start From Scratch.

Traditional classrooms offer someone an opportunity to network with others. Most people get their memories from school organizations, clubs, or events. It accounts for most of the people’s educational experience; online education makes you miss this interaction with classmates. Networking in school is really important because these relationships will be extended even outside of school. It is easier to get more skills and have people who help you grow career-wise and even recommend you to jobs. However, you gradually adjust to the way of doing things and create other avenues of getting equally good opportunities.

In life, things will not always work as expected, sometimes the plans you have do not get to happen and you just have to take a different path. Your angel wants you to be intentional about being flexible. Learn to adjust and accept to start from scratch. You might be from a financially stable family, having lived a good life and never lacking anything. In the event these resources are not available anymore, do you give up? Can you afford to stay lazy and wait for others to do things for you? You just have to start working and try to rebuild a good foundation in life again. Without the network, without the connection to good job places, you start from scratch. There is no fault in falling as long as you intend to stand again, as long as you do not remain sitting in the same place and whining. As much as connections are good, you will not always get them.

Your Qualities Are Your Most Important Asset.

Most people get unhappy with online education and could be willing to pay more to attend the traditional classes because they are more interactive, engaging, and authentic. As much as online education offers the fast pace to continue learning, the format challenges the better understanding of what is taught because there are so many things that are overlooked. With the changed schedules, people need to learn how to use software in a short time, and most teachers start teaching online without having technical training to prepare them. Even if a need is being met, do not overlook how the process is done, if it is worth it or if you get to compromise so much. You might be having a good job but you worked your way to it by bribing others or doing unethical things. The fact that you started the job in dishonesty means you will continue with this tendency. How you get the job matters and it determines how you continue to do it.

Your angel wants you to learn to not just see the result. If there is something you should invest in, it should be your inner qualities. Other than the outward appearance and the compliments you get, who are you deep inside? Is it someone who can live well with others? Is it someone who is kind and has taken time to build themselves? When you focus on being a better person and constantly improving yourself, you will have a positive impact on the people around you. People will find you reliable and a person who they can go to. Let your qualities be your biggest asset, in a world with people that constantly need assurance and being loved, allow yourself to be a light, which touches each life you meet.




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