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The essence of life is the energy of the mind.

The essence of life is the energy of the mind.

Have you ever thought about what energy you give out to the universe? Today’s angel is helping you look into electricity, a factor that is irreplaceable in the current world, and mention a few lessons you can learn from it.

Your energy is capable of causing huge changes

Electricity is the presence and flow of electric charges. Using electricity, you can use energy to do different simple chores. It is the most used form of energy and a basic part of nature, however, the electricity you use is a secondary source of energy because it is produced by converting primary energy sources like wind energy, coal, and natural gas to form electrical currents.

Today you are reminded to be careful about the thoughts you have because thoughts become actions. As ironical as it may sound, you attract what you give out like will attract like. The thoughts you have, produce results which in turn become behaviors. Your thoughts are energy, and whatever you push out to the universe you end up getting it back.

Having a thought that annoys you, brings an angry emotion from you which may lead you to do something impulsive. The angry emotion will attract angry energy from the universe back to you, you could be having a bad day, but instead, it gets worse.

You get into accidents, arguments, and the day doesn’t get better. But you have the power to control this energy, which is your thought, to make it pure for you to have better life outcomes. The joining of many positive thoughts will make you happier, you will feel more fulfilled and your life will reflect this.

You go further by working together

There are two electric charges that push and pull on each other; the positive and negative. If you put a negative charge together with a negative charge, they will move away from each other, but if you put a positive together with a negative they will attract each other.

The opposites will always attract. This will cause a magnetic field that creates electricity, however, every big object is neutral which is why you do not feel the electric magnets. In life, you could be skilled, talented, and have great potential to give good results, however, these results can only be greater by collaborating with others. You have to make it habitual to work with others, allowing them to add in their different skills.

For any massive result, togetherness is involved. Even a single team member can slow down the progress of achieving a goal. Today, you could be in a community that experiences insecurity, maybe crime has heightened in the area, it is in your best interest to be vigilant and take care of your loved ones. Better results can only be achieved by deciding as a community to take measures to act against the criminals.

If each team member has clarity on the goal they are supposed to achieve and commitment, you will surely notice good results.

Have faith, you cannot see it, but you can see the results

Since the beginning of the use of electricity, work has been made easier. It is accessible to a lot of people apart from the very remote areas. Now electricity can be converted to other forms of energy to do work. Electricity has been used to make a lot of appliances that have bettered the lives of people by advancing products, saving on labor, saving lives, and being educational.

Though it is quiet, easy to bring to the masses, and safe to use, it has had an indescribable impact on the world. Today you are reminded that you do not have to see it to believe it. Having faith opens doors to things happening in your life. The surety that something will happen even without having evidence to back up what you believe.

You might want to start a business, but you do not know where or how you will get the clients, you might even have little or no capital. This is frustrating and prevents most people from starting. But what if you started today, in your home? Start marketing to people to create awareness.

You could tell people who can support you, of your plan and they can help you raise the capital. Your guide knows a single step of faith can write an entire script of a fruitful story.

You need to be humble to handle power

Electricity has created over-dependence. Almost everything is run using electricity, from houses to networking and connecting among people and also transportation. It would be a major problem if people were to go without electricity. Accidents can also occur if bad wiring is done or from leakage of radioactive substances in the environment. Pollution is a major problem caused by electricity. As helpful as it is it has also had dire consequences on people. Today, you learn that you will also do mistakes, and it is best to acknowledge them.

As a person in authority, it is easy to want to be perfect, humility allows you to be open to the possibility that you are not and it is okay. You could be a parent who dictates his children and does not give them room to express themselves because you believe you are always right, your children can build resentment and fear towards you and have feelings of being unheard. Your guide wants you to know that you will never stop learning, and you can learn from anyone. You can choose to take steps to allow your children to express themselves.

Your children will always have respect for you if you respect yourself if you admit your mistakes if you listen to opinions and allow each one of them to handle tasks that you have given them without following their every move. Humility will be the key for you to have comfortable and healthy relationships. Finally, your angel reminds you, to visualize what you want, think about it, and give that energy to the universe.


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