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The Greatest Accomplishment Is To Be Yourself In A World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else.

The Greatest Accomplishment Is To Be Yourself In A World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else.

The world that seemed so big to people has now been reduced to a global village, and now everything you want to know, you access. You can talk to whomever from wherever, it has become a world of endless possibilities. Today's topic from your angel is about the internet. no matter how unseen it is, its influence has shifted the dynamics of everything you do. Your angel knows how your curiosity has been satisfied most times, and how slowly, you have become dependent on the internet. No matter how helpful it is, this is a call to be more self-reliant, to listen to your intuition, and to take time to meditate and reflect on your life, away from the distractions of the world.

Trust Your Instincts.

When you use the internet, everyone has an opinion. People have placed their relative perceptions of everything and you have to be careful of what you choose to take in. There is too much information on the internet and it can be overwhelming. Most videos and advertisements that intend to show you how to go about something are a waste of time. Even though you will find a few helpful ones, you will only truly learn by practicing. People have been raised differently with different beliefs and not everything will work for everyone.

Your angel seeks you to listen to your heart more intently, it will lead you on where to go and where not to, rather than following counsel that would bring you negative consequences. Take an example where young people in a certain region feel it's okay to walk half-naked, where it has been accepted by their society. Imagine the pressure a peer from a more conservative environment will feel, with the need of fitting in with the rest of the world, they might end up conforming to that kind of lifestyle. Your angel understands that it is sometimes unavoidable to fall for this, but whenever you realize your focus slipping away, quickly refocus on doing the right thing.

Maintain Your Critical Thinking.

Creativity is a gift, and if you use it, you can only grow it, it never runs out. Do not be afraid of thinking and making decisions for yourself. As much as the internet has its upside it also destroys critical thinking. There will always be trends that are set, news like, " This is what you should do if you want something...!", "Check out the new style in town!" Your ability to decide for yourself reduces because automatically you become tuned to how you are supposed to live your life and the things you should do.

Your angel wants you to be yourself, they know that you may look naive if you don't choose to conform, but being different is a good thing sometimes. Your angel is your guide and they will never mislead you, even as you read what someone else says, you have to think about it, do not accept information easily, learn to question everything that is brought up to your attention.

Do Not Underestimate Your Dreams.

Everything you put your mind to can do amazingly great if you commit to it. Think of the days when the internet was just a couple of connected computers put together to experiment on whether there can be a more resilient communication tool that is resistant to network outages. Now, years later, it is something that the world can not live without. The internet is relied upon by both big and small businesses, in every home and every person strives to own a mobile handset for internet use. This can simply teach you that even the most uncertain inventions can become the greatest as long as you, as the thinker, are willing to work on it and have people help you along the way to actualize your dream.

The universe has filled you with outstanding wisdom and the ability to create solutions when you face challenges. Do not brush off the ideas you get, no matter how irrelevant you think them to be. Have you noticed some creative inventions that have been made by very young people and have gone ahead to solve big challenges, take, for example, the 25-year-old who invented gloves that translate sign language into audio, which was led by him having difficulties communicating with a deaf niece? Your angel urges you to give your ideas a chance, just start wherever you are, market your proposals like no one's business. Years later you will be grateful for where you will be and most people may not believe that you had such humble beginnings.

Be Patient With Your Communication.

Most times, people are eager to just pass information, it could be some exciting news or you are having an argument and it just can't wait to be fixed.  Relationships on the internet are different, you are only limited to being online. It is very hard to read body language or to see the actions of other people.  It is very easy also to misinterpret the subtlety of texts and it can result in bad confrontations. Miscommunication becomes the main culprit on the internet and you can have a hard time expressing how you feel to others.

Many relationships fade online because of this, But once you notice this tendency, you actively learn how to clearly and openly communicate your feelings with others so that hard feelings don't build over time. Your angel counsels you to learn how to speak your mind, keeping blame out of it, acknowledging that you are also benefiting from the communication, and speaking to resolve issues. The internet is here to stay and the best you can do is use it to your advantage.

Top Tip Of The Day

New things will always find you wherever you are, you have to constantly choose to evolve and adjust fast. Open your mind to learning, and accept when you don't know something. Everything good has its downside, even people, so accept them as they are and learn to live with everyone well.


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