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The path to success is full of thorns, nevertheless, just keep moving!

The path to success is full of thorns, nevertheless, just keep moving!

Today your angel brings you a message on hard work and perseverance. Whether you are a student, a lecturer or you have already earned your degree, you understand that it is not just an easy process done overnight. Before it is conferred to you, you ought to prove you are worthy of it by having attended your lectures and passed your tests.  Just because someone was admitted to the university does not guarantee that they will graduate with a degree in whichever course they undertook. Below are some lessons you could learn about earning a degree;

A degree does not come on a silver platter

From the moment a student joins the university they have to strive to attend their lectures, complete their assignments, participate in group discussions, sit and pass for their tests as well as engage in co-curricular activities that make them all-rounded students. A student cannot miss their classes, fail their tests, and spend most of their time making merry without any sacrifice then expect to earn a degree unless they use sneaky means which is both unethical and wrong.

A story is given about a medical student who was not serious with her studies making her fail the final examinations that would see her kicked out of medical school. However, because she was a beautiful lady, she persuaded her professor and bribed him to alter her grades so that she would remain in the school as well as graduate with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. The professor compromised his position and did as the lady wanted and he forgot about it.

One day the professor’s only son fell ill and since he needed immediate medical attention, he was taken to the hospital. He was taken to the emergency room and doctors began attending to him while the professor and his wife waited outside praying to their deity and begging the universe to be kind to them and spare their only son. Unfortunately, a nurse came to deliver a message to them that they had lost their son.

The professor was shocked because he understood that although the situation of the son was urgent, it was not so critical for him to lose his life. He went to inquire from the boss about the situation and he wanted to see the doctor who attended to his son and have him explain what went wrong. When the female doctor walked in, the professor could not believe his eyes, he was speechless and looked like someone in a trance because all he could think in his mind was how he had killed his son since that doctor was the same lady she made a doctor. The evil seed he had planted had germinated and he had now reaped the rotten fruits. Karma had located his doorstep and without any mercy gone for the thing that he held so dearly.

You choose what to be

While students apply to go to the university, they choose the course they are going to study based on the career they want to get into. Somebody aspiring to be a mechanical engineer cannot take up a course on fashion and design while someone intending to be an accountant cannot join a medical school and expect to graduate with an accounting degree. Upon joining the university, there is no bell to inform you that it is time to attend a lecture or take your tests.

Most students encounter freedom first-hand in university and some are so overwhelmed that they are not able to manage it well but instead it ends up drowning them. Nobody is forced to attend the lectures or even sit for the tests, hence you alone decide on what you want to be. You even choose the people to associate with who will greatly affect your behavior since birds of a feather flock together.

Similarly, in life, you are going to have to make many decisions and choices on certain issues but just remember that choices have consequences so you are advised to analyze the possible consequences of the choice you intend to make and decide if it is worth it.

The experience is different for everyone 

On a graduation day, you may choose to randomly ask different people what their experiences were like and you will notice that everyone has a different experience. Some might tell you it was one difficult and tough experience while others might argue that it was the best moment of their life which they would reminisce about with a smile on their faces. Upon getting admitted most people might have the same goal which is graduating with their respective degree but along the way, some dropout, others are expelled or discontinued, others rewind a year, others marry or get married while others get children.

Similarly, there is no manual on how to lead a standard life hence people will always have different experiences. The school of life is one interesting school because the assignment is different for everyone and if you try to copy someone else’s assignment you will be on the losing end. Everyone is presented with a unique exam paper hence you have to personally understand what is required of you before responding like someone else is.

Society might have set expectations such as; as a lady you need to get married when you attain the age of twenty-five years, as a man you must have a stable job before you marry at age twenty-eight, and other unrealistic expectations. It is up to you to understand that everyone has their own race to run and what matters the most is achieving your mission and purpose on earth. It doesn't matter who is ahead of you in the race and how far they have gone because as long as you are still running and there is time, then there is hope. So set your eyes on the finishing line and let no one distract you so you can reach there and get crowned.

Just like graduates are crowned with the educational crown, your angel reminds you that you ought to live the life you were called for so that in the end you will receive your golden crown and get rewarded for your good deeds.



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