Your Angel Message For Today

The right amount of conference calls involves your time rightly balanced between yourself, other people, and your angel

The right amount of conference calls involves your time rightly balanced between yourself, other people, and your angel

When you think of conference calls, you think of people, outside, work, school, and any other word related to socializing or social life in general. In addition to this, you associate it with stress and pressure because of the amount of responsibility it entails. Eventually, you might find yourself afraid of talking to people and, perhaps, affect even the relationship with your angel.


The world is brimming with activity, and the progression of communication software and phones made it so everyone is not only connected spiritually at all times but physically as well. And your angel knows just how overwhelming this can be. That’s why today, they’ll be talking about ways you can recharge from socializing and avoid over-exhaustion from hearing the phrase “conference call”.


Overstimulation from social interactions


Socialization is the most important element to a working society, to a functioning family, and to be an effective team at work. The Universe is aware of this too which is why part of its spiritual energy is about improving social anxiety. Everyone lives in the same world, after all, it would be best if they all got along. But at the same time, the divine is conscious of how different people have different social limits. 


Social interaction happens everywhere at any time, even between people located on opposite sides of the world. And though it’s ultimately a benefit in terms of relationships and work, it can also be quite the stress provider. You yourself know of people’s needs for socializing, work, or otherwise. And since it’s a “need”, everyone is expected to be able to do it for a lengthy amount of time, notwithstanding people’s limitations. The result is you, drained, on the couch, likely hating the existence of other people.


Aside from professional needs, general socializing can be a tiring thing in and of itself. It’s not simply an act of moving your mouth. You try to take in many things all at once---people’s eyes, eyebrows, tone of voice, body language---while putting together thoughts and doing the actual talking. It’s no wonder people’s mental and physical health is taking a toll from it. And when they attempt to block the noise for relief, they’re unknowingly blocking the Universe and their angels as well.  


It’s a slippery slope worry but there’s no denying the possibility of you either wanting social disconnection or becoming a misanthrope---the strong effects of 24/7 conference calls and a downed spirituality. With that in mind, your angel today wants to have their own conference call with you! Their solution is to either guide you away from your breaking point or expand it. Luckily, no matter how loud the surroundings are, they know that you’ll always be willing to talk and listen to them.


Figure out your conference call limit


The right amount of interaction can only be attained by you. More specifically, when you learn to set some boundaries. You can experiment with this through trial and error or, as your angel suggests, taking a personality test. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator may not accomplish a thorough fit for your personality but it can give a good starting point to base on. Your personality directly influences your social life. An introvert prefers to have a small quantity of interaction per day, an extrovert is otherwise, and an ambivert is someone in between.


Now that you know your type, an introvert for instance, setting boundaries will be easier. An introvert is usually a highly sensitive person who socializes through actions and results. Their reactions usually transpire within the brain. If you’re the type to allot more time for reflections, always have a break time or a break room prepared. Spending a lot of time with other people without being able to recharge alone will make you cranky so best avoid that. On the other hand, you’ll likely enjoy deep conversations with your angel. 


As an extrovert, you’re the opposite, You seek socialization because it gives you energy. Conference calls will be your lifeline and recharge time because you like to brainstorm various topics and verbalize them. Your social life is indirectly proportional to social overstimulation; the more you have it, the farther you are from your limit. Your angel will initiate small talks about anything as much as they can with respect to this.


Being an ambivert is a balance between the two as your socialization will depend on your current mood. This is rightly ambiguous and you may need the help of your angel to figure out which type you are in the moment. Conference calls are a neutral area for you; talking to a large crowd can sometimes be positively stimulating, but so is a one-on-one talk. As you’re not on either extremity, it’s theoretically a good state to have because you can adjust according to what’s requested of you.


You have the power to adjust accordingly


At times, conference calls can’t be avoided. This by itself can give you the illusion that you don’t have control over anything. But fend off that thought and apply your angel’s pieces of advice: identifying your limit, setting boundaries, and adapting. You now know how to keep yourself from being overly stimulated by social life and how to adjust so you can recharge for the next call.


Once you get used to this process, nothing about socialization can bother you anymore and you’ll be able to engage in it in line with responsibilities. You’ll be in complete control. This will be a ripple for your other physical and spiritual difficulties as well. When you lose the source of your stress, you’ll also stop practicing bad coping mechanisms such as stress-eating, unhealthy sleeping hours, suppressing emotions, etc.


With the social hindrances out of the way, remember to take this as a chance to strengthen your link with the divine, reorganize thoughts, meditate on a daily basis. If ever the overstimulation from socializing dissociated you even a bit from the Universe, make sure to ask your angel how to close the gap again.