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The world is quickly evolving towards the online realm. You may need an angel to guide you through it

The world is quickly evolving towards the online realm. You may need an angel to guide you through it

For people who have lived their entire lives without the existence of computers, this might be a tricky topic. But thanks to a divine intervention fretting how you might lack the knowledge to navigate through this new generation of software, a technical-driven angel has descended upon you today, bringing news and updates to teach you the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology.


The Future has Come


There is nothing but benefits in learning how to use any computer software. After all, the point of technology was to make life more convenient! Instead of keeping physical things on hand, you can just ask your angel how to digitialize them on a computer. A lot of people agree that the advancement of technology has improved numerous mundane everyday tasks and personal development. Perhaps the older generation might have a hard time believing this, but sit tight and listen to your angel.


Software came about as a result of human research and experiments. It’s no exaggeration to say that it took more than a millennium of improvements to successfully make what you have today. Just think about that for a second: more than a thousand years of human labor and the concept of technology was the result. Why don't you think that software is hence the physical manifestation of human wisdom? Quite the achievement for us, yes?


How Can Software Help in Any way?


The better question here would be “how could it not?” Your angel can draw a thousand ways in which software has improved your life.  If you look at your history books, it was first designed to assist us in mathematics and data storage but as humanity evolved, so did our technology. Software encompasses not just the digital world but outside of it as well. Your dear angel will explain the physical aspects first.


Your skills are given the chance to evolve here. A software will challenge you to bring something new to the table, whether it be knowledge, service, or a product. It fuels the competitive spirit. How far can you take your skills along with society’s current achievement? At a minimum, you’ll need a great amount of patience and talent to make a difference; and once you have them, you are then a candidate of being branded by history as a game-changer.


Your angel follows up with the introduction of innovation. Software can give you enough tools to make a new invention. Depending on the type of software, you can design prototypes, create entertainment programs, and fabricate mind-blowing simulations. Your angel wagers that you wouldn’t know anything about space if it weren’t for technology. Let it be said that softwares has ignited---or rather reignited people’s passion for discovery.


And perhaps the most important contribution of it is how it gave you the ability to forge connections to people far away. People you’ve thought you would only see or talk to by physically crossing the distance. You now have a variety of international jobs to choose from. You now have a method of communication with your friends living outside the city. For a more global scale, you can even navigate through different community softwares to talk about various topics, even the niche. People around the world are doing the same thing so you have a high chance to be part of a group with similar interests.


There are all things to be appreciative about so your angel is a real advocate for softwares as it can’t ever regress. When someone invents something new, it’s considered as progress, nothing else. In that regard, it can only be positive. More and more tools are given to you to make your life happy and sustainable. 


Software Can Improve Your Personal Development


Because of software, an abundance of knowledge is accessible to everyone. It’s up to you to choose which tools can improve yourself and how. Your angel is suggesting that you gather as much knowledge as you can. There is softwares designed to accommodate educators and students alike. Even as a general citizen, you have access to books and worldwide news without going to the library. The only thing between you and a goldmine of data is a few types away. Imagine learning about the economic progress of Japan despite being a thousand leagues away. Imagine being able to inspire strangers to buy your merch because they saw your fund-raising video for the local orphanage---all of this can be accomplished through software


Of course, your angel hasn’t forgotten about the downsides of software.  You might use it as an excuse to shy away from real-life conversations. While distance relationships are entirely possible, most people find them less than genuine as opposed to direct contacts. And for yourself, you might get too used to being distant with others, opting instead to chat with a digitized version of your friends where you can’t even hear the tone of their words nor see the expression that comes along with it. In that kind of, shall we say, shallow and feeble friendship, it’s very easy to lose a friend over a button titled “Unfriend”


Balance your Software Time


With all of this knowledge combined, it should be rather effortless to remember the pointers listed by your angel about personal and professional activities. Softwares can be a double-edged sword, either used as an innovative weapon for education and personal successes or a destroyer of direct social skills with the safety of distance. It all hinges on how you utilize it. 


But at the very least, your angel doesn’t want you to forget about the outside world---go out to eat, take coffee breaks, maybe walk alongside nature. Technology is simply a set of improvements to what we can do further and not something that takes away previously enjoyable activities. You are in charge here, not any kind of software! Like your angel, advocate its usefulness but don’t ever drown in it.  


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