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Things are not always as they appear to be, look deeper and uncover the hidden truth

Things are not always as they appear to be, look deeper and uncover the hidden truth

Today your angel brings you a message on how you can align your life to that of forensic officers. As you know, forensics is all about using scientific methods to solve legal problems hence forensic investigators are tasked with the responsibility of securing a crime scene as well as collecting evidence concerning a certain case. Looking deeper into the forensic field, below are lessons for you to look into and align them with your life.

Planning is essential

In any forensic investigation, planning has to be made to avoid any errors that may arise. The forensic officers are required to establish the sequence of events that happen in regards to a certain crime. When conducting an investigation such as a rape case, they would not jump to conclusions because it would alter and interfere with the evidence. Instead, they put all their efforts into establishing the substantial evidence and facts that have a positive lead on the case. In your daily life, learn to adopt a planning behavior so that you do not waste much time attempting to solve puzzles you might have otherwise avoided or gotten a solution. Whether you are an entrepreneur gathering ideas on the type of business to venture into, ensure you carefully draft a business plan. Whether you are a student, ensure you learn to set targets for the grades you want to achieve and then put in efforts and work towards achieving them.  

Do not ignore any hints

Any hints that forensic investigators come across come as a stepping stone to solving the case hence they cannot afford to ignore it. Imagine you are a forensic officer investigating a murder case of a woman who was killed in her apartment and her corpse thrown in a well. You have not yet found the corpse but as you search through you notice a dog that keeps barking near the well. Following your instincts and training, you get to take a look, find the corpse and you are excited to solve the mystery of where the corpse is. Imagine what would happen if you ignored the hint. Perhaps you would still be stuck in trying to solve the puzzle which would delay the investigations.

Today you are reminded to look out for hints which may even turn out to be opportunities in your life. You could be an entrepreneur and you realize that there is a need in the market that has not yet been discovered. Look further into it, conduct your market research and use your expertise to navigate and convert it into an opportunity. You could be a farmer who forecasts that the weather conditions may not be favorable for a certain crop on your farm. Think fast and find ways on how to find a solution. Ignoring the hints will only turn you into a bitter and regretful person when they occur and you start thinking you had seen it happen.

Open your eyes, sometimes crime scenes are fake

Regardless of how desperate forensic officers are in solving cases, they are keen enough and understand that some crime scenes and evidence are planted by the criminals to mislead them. Failing to understand so will result in them wasting time and resources only to discover eventually that they were misled and by that time the criminals might have gone far away before they realize it. Imagine a murder case where the murders are keen enough to ensure they leave no evidence and they turn the situation to look like a suicide case. Anyone looking at it might conclude that it is a suicide case but forensic officers do not make conclusions without thoroughly looking into it. In life, you have to distinguish between the real and the fake so you won’t have to waste your precious time concentrating on the fake.

You may be looking for sheep but you get a wolf in sheep’s clothing which may deceive you into believing you have a sheep. Pray that the universe brings authentic people into your life who will love you for who you are and not for what you love. Whether you are getting into a relationship, look out for the signs that your partner is real and not just a distraction from what you want in a relationship. Whether you are starting a business, look out for false customer demands by conducting research and planning well.

Look into your life and ask yourself these critical questions to help you determine if you are spending most of your time investigating the fake crime scenes:

Am I in a fake relationship that’s giving me a false sense of security?

Is my job a distraction from achieving my purpose in life?

Can my friends love me and stand up for me if I lose everything that I own?

There is no room for mistakes

Any mistake by forensic investigators when collecting evidence may result in complications in the case and worse still a case may remain unsolved for a longer period. For this reason, they are tasked with the responsibility of being keen and handling every piece of evidence cautiously. The crime scene is no place to play around and tamper with things; rather it is a place where your entire concentration, gut feelings, and expertise are needed. In life, there are certain circumstances where your entire being will be required, and making mistakes will cost you greatly.

If you are dating to get married, you understand the seriousness of ensuring that you do not make a mistake that would leave you regretting your entire life. You will thus be required to tread carefully and cautiously analyze your spouse without leaving any room for mistake. If you are an investor, you understand very well the seriousness of analyzing the opportunity before investing your money into it to avoid falling for scammers. You know very well that getting into investment blindly will greatly cost you in terms of time and resources. When involved in activities or decisions with long-term effects, always ensure you are cautious, think through, and leave no room for mistakes.

In conclusion, your angel sends you a warm message of love today and wishes to let you know that you need to hold on. This is not time to give up on what you have been waiting for but just pray harder, do your best and be patient the rest will fall into place. 


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