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This will be my life; I am going to make everything around me beautiful.

This will be my life; I am going to make everything around me beautiful.

Have you ever hosted a friend at your home before? What are the experiences you had from that event? Today, your angel has a message about hosting, which is the act of being responsible for guests at an event or providing hospitality during an event. If you have had any of these scenarios, you agree it is a strenuous job most of the time, and sometimes you just struggle to keep up with the demands of people.

Always the feedback that the event was a success is what you are looking out for. It is said, life never stops teaching, so you should never stop learning. Today’s angel will help you learn some of the lessons from hosting.

You do not have to respond to everything

When you are hosting an event, the client gives you an idea of what they want. Since you are a professional, you come up with solutions and have set out plans on how to make the event run smoothly. Some clients though are not easy to handle and will have strong opinions about the decisions you make, your skills and will have overrated expectations about everything.

Having interpersonal skills is important because you will be able to use that criticism as constructive feedback and make the event a success. In life, you do not have to have an answer for everything, there is power in silence. Learn to take feedback and evaluate if it is helpful. You could be a spouse who does not listen to your partner and you always have defense mechanisms to counter anything you are told. Sometimes, the intention is not bad if only you listen and try to take some advice.

Let your actions speak for you

When hosting, you cannot over promise something you know you cannot deliver. This can take your reputation down the drain, and spoil future business. You have to know how much you can take on and deliver properly. Ever heard about walking the talk? You would rather avoid big events that you know you are not capable of hosting yet.

Similarly, in life, do not raise people’s expectations too high and deliver way below that. You rather keep quiet and act and let people commend you for that. You could be a parent who is planning to adopt a kid or support a child from a struggling background and you make all these promises about how you are going to make their life better and be a good parent, only to find out you cannot manage.

It is not an easy step to take someone in and completely love them, it requires a lot of strength. When you know this, you will give yourself time and see how it works for you and do your best, when you act right, you will not have to talk about it, others will.

Self-care should always come first

As a host, you have so much pressure from all areas because you have to make sure the event goes well. You can easily get burned out from the long hours and tight deadlines. To have longevity in your hosting career, you have to prioritize yourself first at all times even if it means taking small breaks to rest.

It is necessary to allocate duties to different people and have a plan to execute so that you can know how far you have accomplished. You do not have another life to live, before you even work or exhaust yourself make sure your health is in check. There is very little you can do when having a nervous breakdown. You could be a father who always goes out to work and comes back home very late.

Taking long office hours and always finding something to do to give your family a good life. But you can only sustain that for some time before you start feeling extremely exhausted and in need of a break. Learn to take time off work, you could come home early and rest while doing other fun things with the family, this will always leave you refreshed to do more tomorrow and you will stay longer doing the same job. Your angel reminds you to take a break often and live a little.

Never allow yourself to stop learning

With every different event, you host there will always be something different and something new to learn. Technology is always changing, new trends are always being brought up and you have to be at par with the things that are happening around the industry for you to keep your business. You might have attended classes, have a few certifications but that is not the end.

A great host will continually look forward to transforming their business and climb up the ladder of good service providers. Evolving is a survival necessity in every area of life. You could be a business person who has a successful business, but competition is rising and other brands are getting more exposure and you wonder what you should do.

Trends are always changing; new technology is used to make business performance better. You can never have enough knowledge if you want to continue operating. Learn to be thirsty to know more and take the necessary steps to be at par with current trends.

You will never please everybody

No matter how you planned your event and how successful it turned out. There will always be someone who has issues about what they would have wanted instead. As a host, you should be able to receive reviews and feedback and use this to make the event better the next time you get an opportunity.

Today, learn to be okay with not everyone liking you, and the same people can give you worthy advice. You could be a student who feels like your teacher always finds fault with you no matter how you try. This can easily make you have a negative attitude towards the subject and affect your performance.

Learn to dissociate the individual from the study and take only helpful criticism from them because life is generally like that wherever you go. Be comfortable in your own skin, that it becomes hard for someone to destabilize your emotions.


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