Your Angel Message For Today

To create wealth and achieve financial stability, aim at maximizing your assets while minimizing your liabilities.

To create wealth and achieve financial stability, aim at maximizing your assets while minimizing your liabilities.

Critical Aspects in Asset Management

Today’s message from your angel is about recognizing and managing your assets. If you have been in a finance class, you must have come across the terms assets and liabilities. While assets are items that put money in your pocket because of their benefits, liabilities are items that take money from your pockets as you have to pay other people. Your assets could be in the form of real estate, plants, and equipment, or businesses.  While you may only be looking at assets in the forms of material things, today your angel brings you a message of the two types of assets which are; time and people.

Time Management

Use your time wisely-Understand the reality that the clock never moves backward and that every minute lost cannot be recovered. You may think that you are recovering time by compromising some activities such as sleep but the truth is you have not recovered the time you have only sacrificed the time for something else. An interesting fact about humans is that they live their lives as if they are immortal. They do not realize the ticking of the clock and before they know it, the evening is here and there being little time before the sun sets they begin running up and down to put their things in order but it happens to be too late.

Use every minute like it was your last-Imagine it was made known to you that you had just five hours to live. What is the first thing you would do? Would you run home to your neglected family and spend the last hours with them? Would you run to church and beg God to save your soul? Would you run to your business to put everything in its right place or would you even run to your attorney to state your will? Whatever you think you would do first, ask yourself why you are not doing it now. Is it because you think you have all the time here on earth that you keep mismanaging it? It is time to look into your life and waste no more time, develop a sense of urgency and attach value to whatever you spend your time doing.

 People Management

While looking at how to manage the people in your life as assets, we shall specifically look at the friends in your life. Are you comfortable with your friends? Are you proud of them and are they proud of you? It is said that there are friends you spend an entire day with, and your entire life is ruined while there are friends you spend a few minutes with and they leave a lifetime positive impact on your life. The secret lies in identifying and distinguishing these two types.

Characteristics of the People who are Assets in Your Life

They mentor you-Supposing you were setting up a business and there is somebody in your circle who has vast experience in that industry. You would approach them for guidance and mentorship expecting that they would hold your hand and help you climb the ladder in whatever capacity. What if they avoided you since they realized you have the potential of being better which they feel is a threat to them? You would feel bad…right?

On the other hand, imagine they helped you with the relevant basics such as reviewing your marketing research and critiquing your business plan. You would not feel alone but be motivated to achieve more. If you have had such friends who have held the torch for you while you walk in the dark, you should be grateful and appreciate them because they are rare to find. If you have been such a friend, know that the angels appreciate you and the universe celebrates you and wishes for an increase in people of your kind. However, you need to know that not every friend is an asset so do not expect it because it is totally fine. Expecting so much from them may lead to disappointments when you least expect it.

They challenge you-While normal friends find pleasure in comfort, your asset friends push you far from it. Imagine you had a goal of building a house by the age of thirty and your friends know about it. When you are almost thirty and exhibit no plans of achieving that goal, your friends may comfort you that it’s okay and you can still achieve it by age thirty-five. They may further console you by explaining that as long as you have a place to stay and help you in ranting that there are plenty of challenges in the economy. With them, you will feel comfortable without the pressure for achieving your goals.

On the contrary, your asset friends will be so hard on you that you will feel uncomfortable if you meet up with them and you have not progressed towards achieving your target. They will challenge you to face life as it comes and knock you towards excellence. They will exceed their set target which will challenge you towards working on your own. These types of people are the type of assets that you need not trade for any amount so hold on to them because their value is priceless.

They stand up for you-Whether you lost your only source of income or got into an accident that left you incapacitated, your friends might keep a distance and slowly exit your life. They may feel that you no longer add any value to them and term you as a liability. No matter how good you were to them and regardless of whether you uplifted them when they were down, they will forget the good deeds and cut ties with you.

Your asset friends will support you through these difficult moments and lead you towards the light. Instead of abandoning you, they will hold your hands and help you stand up and slowly make slow strides until you can completely stand up on your feet. These types of assets are earth angels and in case you have them, never take their presence in your life for granted.

Your angel lets you know that; just like you jealously and cautiously safeguard your wealth, safeguard and take care of these assets and you will find out that your life will improve much more.