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When you claim to take responsibility, the Universe shall send an angel to be your shepherd

When you claim to take responsibility, the Universe shall send an angel to be your shepherd

There’s nothing more important in this world than claiming responsibility for your life, and your angel is proud to walk you through the interests of doing so in various areas. Life and responsibility are almost equivalent to each other. When you claim responsibility, take stock in the fact that you’re giving yourself the ability to change your life in whatever way you want. The Universe will support it by giving you an endless amount of possibilities!


There are a lot of things that can greatly impact one’s life but ultimately, being responsible is a virtue. Around you, things will start to move not necessarily to your will but according to your maturity. It all depends on how you will perceive it---as a victim or an operative---and how you’ll allow it to have it progress your character. 


What does it mean to be responsible?


The Universe compares it to being a writer. A writer composes every element in their novel, with each character, tone, theme, setting, perspective, plot, and many others that will eventually build to the conclusion that they want. Claiming responsibility is being in charge of all that and more. So the moment you aim to control your life, an angel comes down to give you a pen. The Universe has already provided you the world as your pages, you simply have to write. As far as divine guidance goes, your angel favors being on the sideline in this particular subject, only providing insights and believing that you’ll take the best course of action. 


In connection to others and for practical applications, there are a lot of reasons to claim responsibility; generally in association with ‘having obligations’. If you’re the leader of a group, you have a duty to oversee your members’ progress and output. Should a member fall short in attitude or result, you have culpability as much as they do. But the outcome shouldn’t necessarily be a negative one as both of you can attain better time management or professional attitudes from the event. 


Claiming responsibility can never be a detriment to others. In fact, doing so would avoid hurting them at all. If there is a scenario in which their negative outcome is pushed as your guilt, it simply means that they’re not open to the guidance of their angels and are having other people live their lives for them. More importantly, it was for the sake of justifying their own failures.


Your angel doesn’t want you to stay a victim in your life because they can only doubt and blame. Being a victim removes any desire to change, and if you cannot change, it becomes difficult to understand divine guidance. After all, the Universe functions as a force of change, blessing people with tools that encourage growth in body and soul. Only a responsible person is thus able to improve.


“Circumstances do not make the man, it reveals him to himself”


The Universe has bestowed upon everyone personal responsibilities. It includes depending on yourself for happiness, sadness, and maturity. For example, a mother wants to teach her two kids the importance of cleaning and decluttering. So she often leaves simple sweeping tasks and instructs them to organize their toys after playing, giving treats whenever done right. However, one child grew up not heeding her lessons while the other does it as a habit. You’re a partial product of your environment, and that partiality is what makes or breaks you---that partiality is what you can claim.


This is what it means when “circumstances do not make the man...”. One’s surroundings indeed affect our development, but it doesn’t conclude it. The environment reveals to you your real nature. If, for another instance, you grew up in an abusive household, there’s no rule that you will turn out to be abusive as well. It’s a matter of difficulty---in how you can fight against the forces that affected your upbringing. In that abusive scenario, you can understand the immorality of being the same and so will pray for the help of an angel to shy away from it. In that respect, your real nature wasn’t abusive nor weak. You were a fighter, going against the notion of “more likely to be violent”.


When you take charge of your own life, you can control even the lessons you can get from dreadful circumstances. The Universe doesn’t give predestined endings to a person. It wants them to create their own path.


Be responsible for your own actions and the consequences behind their wake


Victimhood is a practice that builds a person up by pulling other people down. People who rely on a victim role might also develop slight narcissistic tendencies through self-absorbed thoughts similar to “I deserve this because that happened to me” or “I’m pathetic so I need people to carry me”. The only way to avoid this is still through taking responsibility for it applies both to action and inaction. “You can’t change what you refuse to confront”---but even when you know the cause of the mess, if the party in charge refuses to answer for it, nothing will happen. 


But when you claim responsibility, you don't stay in those self-absorbed thoughts. You give yourself a chance to change, a chance for self-compassion.


A good motivator is how personal development can be achieved even among mistakes. Karma is a popular concept in the Universe. As your angel believes, being responsible for your own decisions is a virtue. By claiming that virtue, you can hope for a kind of positive reinforcement from the divine such as receiving a sense of purpose or strength for being mature, for stopping the blame game. Perhaps by claiming responsibility, you become a trustworthy individual through other people’s eyes.


All in all, being responsible puts you at a certain level of enlightenment in the Universe. You become used to taking matters into your own hands, gaining resilience, spirit, and independence in the process. Just remember to show gratitude for your angel, who introduced you to a path of empowerment and good conduct. 


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