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When You Heal, It Does Not Mean The Damage Never Existed, It Means You Do Not Let The Damage Control Your Life Any Longer.

When You Heal, It Does Not Mean The Damage Never Existed, It Means You Do Not Let The Damage Control Your Life Any Longer.

Have you ever experienced harm that has led to so much damage to your life? Could be physical, emotional or even mental. Pulling yourself through from the dark spaces is not easy and requires a lot of will to get out of the rut and patience. Your angel sees the pain some of these events can cause and the questions that run through your head, wondering if you will ever return to your former self. Even as you go through that, know you are not alone, your angel sees you and stands by you.

Today’s topic from your angel is about damage-which is physical harm that can impair the normal functioning of something. Looking into relatable areas of your life where you have experienced damage, here are some life lessons that you can learn in the face of the storm.

Learn To Practice Self-Compassion.

When you have experienced any sort of damage it is very easy to be hard on yourself and take the blame. You could be a person who practices self-harm, because of distress and undealt with emotions. You can practice self-harm by taking excess over-the-counter medication, cutting, or even punching yourself. People do this to get rid of the emotional pain they feel. In this scenario, it is easy to think, you do not deserve any compassion because of the bodily damage you do to yourself. You should learn to take it easy on yourself and desire to heal, taking one step at a time. People tend to expect a lot from themselves and when things do not turn out as they had expected, self-criticism thoughts come in. Having such persistent thoughts can be very toxic and will damage your confidence and self-esteem.

However, healthy doses of self-criticism can help you improve in areas of your life. You could have failed an exam and you give up entirely on continuing with your education because you feel like you let yourself down. How about you give yourself a second chance in life? Treat yourself how you would treat a loved one or a friend. Be compassionate, kind, and patient with yourself. Accept your shortcomings and be just as you are.

Do Not Make Things Worse.                                             

When you have gone through something, you can easily catastrophize the situation by the thoughts which you have which doesn’t make the situation better one bit. Worsening the situation can lead you to make another mistake because your thought process is already affected and you cannot make a sound judgment. Imagine being an athlete and you get an injury that can cost you your career, the state of your mind will be affected because the loss that is about to happen is too huge. Chances are probably things will not be that bad and you will heal from your injuries and will go back to your profession. Sometimes your mind can tell you about things that are led by fear and they will be very far from reality. You have to learn to manage your thoughts and choose logic over fear.

Your angel understands it is easy to go on overdrive and start visualizing the possible worst-case scenarios that can happen. This instead will create anxiety and a lot of stress which will impact your emotional well-being. Learn to take a step back and try to reassess the situation from another angle. Talking to someone else will help you get a different perspective. Sometimes your past can create traumas for you such that you do not think things can turn out positively, try to heal and get out of that shell as hard as it may be. The universe can be kind and things can turn out well. Most of the thoughts that you make worse will not come true. It is unlikely for your mistake to turn into something worse. Give yourself a chance to experience things. 

Take Action, Sometimes Complaints Are Tiring.

If you have suffered damage, could be through your actions or anyone else, learn to pick yourself up, dust, and start doing the right thing. There is only long enough that people can listen and sympathize with you, but if your actions do not change and you do not improve your actions, it becomes harder to get people’s attention. A person who is addicted to drugs can worry family members to some point.

Imagine if the same person is well educated, is provided for, and has a support system, but still continues to engage in drugs. Loved ones will soon give up on them and as painful as it is, they will let the person follow their own path. Have you ever met a drug addict who had their whole life ahead of them, but along the way, they gave up and chose that path indefinitely? It is a huge pain to be stuck, for you and other people to know the potential you have but the harm you did to yourself will continue to hold you back, that you can no longer make any progress. Why do you let such a thing happen to you? Is it that bad, that you cannot gather your strength to walk again? Even when it's someone else’s fault, maybe because of wrong advice that led you to do some damage, you will never gain anything by pointing fingers. Recollect and act to make yourself better.

Every Experience Serves A Purpose.

Learn to not take things for granted, even that harm or damage that you have experienced has a lesson to offer. It is amazing what you are capable of doing with your life. It is easy to complain when things go wrong and don’t happen as you would want. Life has ups and downs and you have to celebrate each season as it comes. Patience will help you go through something without complaining, practice it.

Your angel reminds you that your tongue will never get anything done. So decide to act!



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