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Whenever you feel anxious about the future, your angel will always be holding your hand to guide you through.

Whenever you feel anxious about the future, your angel will always be holding your hand to guide you through.

Today’s message from your angel is about banking on your future. Do you ever think about tomorrow and get anxious? Are you so confident that you can bank on your future? If you are worried and always wondering how things are going to turn out tomorrow, today a warm message letting you know that you are not alone is brought to you.

Opening a Bank Account

Imagine the amount of trust that you have by opening a bank account and depositing your money. You do not even trust yourself to keep the money in your house. While you make transactions, you are not even afraid or paranoid because you can count on the bank.

You rarely have thoughts such as “What if the bank was robbed and all the records altered with? What if it caught fire? What if their systems were hacked and they lost all data?” If you can bank on the safety of the banks, there are many things you should look into and answer these questions;

Banking on Your Relationships

If you are in a romantic relationship, you need to ask yourself whether you can trust your spouse even when they are away from you. If you traveled abroad, can you trust that your spouse will remain faithful to you? If you experience financial hardships, would your spouse still stay on your side or would they abandon you?  If you got into an accident that left you so scarred, would they still love you as they do or would they be ashamed of you? Whether it is family relationships, you need to ask yourself whether you can bank on your relatives.

If you passed away today, would your relatives take care of your children or would they be scrambling for your wealth even before your burial rites are complete? Would they mourn you or would they be celebrating and spreading false rumors about you? Whether it is the relationship with your friends, would they still associate with you if your business failed and they no longer benefit from you? Would they visit you on your sickbed or would they not even notice your absence while they party?

Banking on any relationship can be tricky especially because human beings are experts in camouflage and you may think they are trustworthy until it’s time to be disappointed. While you look forward to the future, sort out your relationships and organize them according to which you can bank on.

Banking on Your Job

Banking on your job will require you to put trust into your work and be confident in the skills you bring to the table such that even if you happened to lose your job, you will not drown in misery but view it as an experience and a stepping stone to greater opportunities.  Imagine you are employed and your employer always expects you to be productive and give out good results.

Targets are set for you and you are expected to meet them and even exceed them to ensure the organization attains good performance. With a positive attitude and hard work, you can meet the targets which may even earn you a promotion. Confidence in your job will ensure you are not disappointed but challenged when targets are not met.

On the other hand, imagine you are always so scared of losing your job, hence you work under your pressure and instead of enjoying your work, you are always stressed every morning when the alarm beeps as a reminder you have to get to work. You always find that if you are controlled by the phobia of losing your job, you try all possible ways to secure it and you may even end up compromising your values.

If you are such a person, today you are advised to put aside your worries and bank on your job. Whether it works out in your favor or not, banking on your job will ensure you are not affected much when things work against you.

Banking on Your Values

If someone in your circle is asked about an honest person they know, can they bring up your name? Is there a person you ever helped by standing up for your values and they think of you when they think of people who have touched their hearts? It is said that you can never know a human being until they have experienced certain circumstances or placed in certain situations.

You may think someone is honest because they condemn people using their positions to misuse funds, but the truth is that they would be no different if they were in the same position. You may think someone is good in financial planning only to find them misusing finances when they get more of it and you realize it was the lack of finances camouflaging their inadequacies.

As you look into the values you hold dear you need to ask yourself whether you can bank on them. If you think you believe in equality and just can you fail to hire your sibling if they have been jobless for many years and an opportunity opened up and someone else was more qualified than they are? If you were an attorney and your spouse committed a crime and they expect you to represent them, would you quit based on conflict of interest and refer them to someone else or would you use your networks and unlawfully get them acquitted?

On the other hand, if you are a student and your grades are bad due to missed classes and poor performance in your exams, would you bank on your integrity if your lecturer gave you an offer to sleep with them in exchange for a better grade? As you think about the future, can you bank on God for a prosperous future? Your angel reminds you that, in moments you feel uncertain and worried, remember that the future is in the hands of the creator.

When you experience challenges that make you conclude that the universe is against you, remember to stay calm and think positive thoughts that push the universe to conspire and work in your favor.  


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