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You are a royalty, always act like one!

You are a royalty, always act like one!

Today your angel brings you special information to let you know that you are special and royal. The fact that you have fought to survive on this planet that operates under the law of survival for the fittest shows how strong you are. You have faced storms, walked through the shadow of death, journeyed in the desert, wandering in the streets having lost your way, and in all these struggles you have emerged victorious. Even when you were at your weakest point and almost letting go, you still held on tightly with your remaining strength. That is the true definition of royalty and nobody can take that away from you.

Protect Your Status

Sometimes royalty is about getting your heart broken and crushed while you have to pretend to be okay. A royal will do everything in their power to protect their legacy and status. If a king has a child who is caught stealing and the land law implies that any thief in that kingdom must be banished as a punishment, the king would have to make the hardest choice that is punishing the child.

Even with the royalty status, he will not act as a father but will act as a king putting on a strong facade even with a heart torn into a million pieces. In this life, you are going to come across many obstacles that will require you to be strong to the core. Any worries will need to be hidden inside while on your face a smile will be required. Life is going to knock you down and when you try getting up it will hit your knees and make you kneel. When you try to stand up it will push you to sit down and upon sitting down it is going to slap you had that you will lose your senses for a minute. While experiencing all this you will be expected to maintain your composure and act fine.

Planning is Inevitable

Royalty is about carrying yourself with pride and dignity regardless of the discomfort you are experiencing. If you have come across or read about royals, you understand very well that they are expected to behave in a certain way and conduct themselves with utmost grace. A princess will not go around hanging out with random men or even wear ragged clothes deemed unfit for her but instead, she will be required to behave like a lady.

If someone insults her, she can neither exchange words with the person nor shout back no matter how angry and irritated she feels. She will keep walking gracefully as if nothing happened because it is expected of her to control her anger and act the bigger person in such a scenario. Similarly, life will not favour you just because you feel you deserve it but instead, it will disappoint you when you least expect it. Your family will think you are crazy because you quit your job to start a business and your friends will laugh at you because you walked out of your abusive marriage. In all these just cover your ears, straighten your crown and walk shoulder-high will grace and demeanour.

Royalty could also be all about planning to secure the future not just for you but for other people. When an heir to the throne of a certain kingdom is born, there are plenty of celebrations because the birth of an heir is a sign of continuation and kingdom prosperity. When kings used to rule and the kingship was hereditary, a king without an heir was under much pressure to sire a child to continue enjoying the kingship in his family.

A kingdom without an heir was prone to political attacks as their enemies sought to take over and acquire their kingdoms. While awaiting the birth of a long-awaited heir, the royal family and the entire kingdom would make a lot of preparations as they looked forward to welcoming the newly born baby. As you work towards achieving your goals, if you are a parent ensure you direct your children towards discovering their purpose and provide them with the platforms to facilitate it. If you teach your children and show them the right path, they will always follow it and appreciate you in their adulthood.

 A Position Comes with Responsibility

Finally, royalty is about taking responsibility and not just holding a position. When an heir was born, they were prepared for taking up the responsibility of being the leader and sitting on the throne. A male heir was sent to the battleground early enough to gain fighting skills, he would also follow his father to learn on state issues and acquire skills such as negotiation as well as diplomacy. Hunting trips with the father were also opportunities for the son to learn more about the kingdom and its people. On the other hand, a princess being prepared to become a queen would be taught how to maintain a home, look after the king, and rule.

Both would learn the history of the land as well as their origin. Royalty is not a walk in the park, it is a full-time responsibility that one learns right from childhood and never stops learning even in old age. In life, you are required to be responsible for your actions and your life in general. Are you a parent? your children are your responsibility and you are required to provide for them no matter the situation. Are you a student? You need to take up the responsibility of working hard and excelling in your studies. If you keep waiting in your comfort zone for a saviour to come and carry your sorrows away, you might be surprised you waited forever.

You are a royal and it is high time you stopped complaining, picked up that crown and took up your position knowing very well that with every position comes responsibilities.

Your angel is proud of the far you have come and the battles you have won and wishes that you continue with the same spirit carrying yourself with the royalty in your soul.  


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