Your Angel Message For Today

You Are Standing Up For Everyone Else Who Will Follow Your Positive Example When You Stand Up For Yourself.

You Are Standing Up For Everyone Else Who Will Follow Your Positive Example When You Stand Up For Yourself.

Most people go through very big cases in court trying to prove their ownership of something. You could be among those people making a claim for property, could be custody over a child, or even to testify that something was done against you. It is always your word against other people’s until you can prove that your claims are true.

In the world you are in today, you cannot simply believe what someone says, there has to be back up to affirm their word. It could be some documents that prove ownership, or even simply, the consistent actions that vouch for them. Your angel knows the importance of claiming what is yours and the fulfillment that can come from being given what you deserve. Some of the life lessons you can learn from claiming are mentioned below to help you align your life better.

Do Not Be Afraid To Fight For What You Rightfully Own.

Sometimes people can really frustrate your efforts. You could have a lot of struggle trying to prove that you own some property. You know how hard you worked to get it, it could even be family property but fraudulent people do not care oftentimes and they would want to take the property from you. You could have been threatened or even harmed so that you can be stopped from claiming what is rightfully yours. Most of these properties are grabbed for other people’s selfish gain. They hardly compensate you or if they do, it is completely under buying. Being able to stand up for yourself regardless of all the things working against you and fighting for what is yours is a commendable thing. If you have proof the better, it is for you.

In life, most times if you are meek and fearful, your voice will always go unheard. Confidence and self-belief will always take you further. You might want to sound nice when you are being oppressed because you do not want to offend anyone. Sometimes this acts as a catalyst for people to further take advantage of you. Learn to speak your mind, learn to not keep quiet when you or others are being abused. It is easy to not be bothered when you are not the one going through mistreatment, you could give it a blind eye, not until it visits your house. If you can stand up for someone against injustice do it, if your voice can help lift oppression, do not hesitate, because change begins with you, from the mind to your actions and it can be adopted by the people around you.

Take Ownership Of Your Life.

Have you met people in life who always come up with excuses and reasons for not doing something? You could hear people say phrases like, “I can’t afford it, in these tough economic times” or “I can’t change my career, I’m too old for that already, all companies want smart and young people nowadays”. Such phrases show a lack of personal responsibility for the circumstances in your life. Claiming those things in your life shifts the problem from yourself to other people. By affirming it, it shows you believe that you have been fated to live that kind of life without having any control over the outcome.

Such claims can easily be embedded in your mind and you start living it as your truth. You are simply creating a trap to failure when you do not become accountable and want to shift the blame to everyone and everything else other than yourself. You are giving out your power when you accept this notion in your mind and when you blame others. You will tend to feel powerless and helpless because of the self-delusion that will take away your control.

It may feel comfortable, but your angel reminds you that your lack of success is not attributed to external factors. What if you change that mindset and start claiming positive things?  What if you believe in creating solutions? You will be unstoppable! Affirm yourself. Believe you can do extraordinary things regardless of your situation, claim good things for yourself and regain your power.

Choose An Environment That Allows You To Grow.

Most people work or live in places where they face a lot of discrimination. It is very hard to stand against such actions sometimes because it can mean losing your job or getting into trouble with the people you live with. Most people have normalized being treated wrongly that they do not understand if it applies in their context anymore. You could be discriminated against by teachers, fellow employees. Friends or even family. Being mistreated can lead to traumatic experiences and even limit you from getting opportunities that make your life better. You have to assert yourself first because it is easy to internalize other people’s beliefs that are negative and take them to be true, even when they are false. You could start believing you are not good enough and choose to live in that shell.

In life, you have to claim your truth and you have to demand better treatment. You might work in a place where people make fun of you because of how you look, your gender, or even how you speak. It could not be possible to change this environment, but you can make a formal request to call out people who make you feel like this. You can make people treat you better by not backing down. Your angel reminds you, that in a world that regularly invalidates your feelings and experiences, find people who can reassure you when you are going through something.

In life, you cannot keep claiming your worth and justifying yourself, it can be wearisome. learn to develop your own standards, you will experience more and more freedom. Take back your power, where there are no mile markers, just you and your journey. Listen to your instincts and hold your truth. Give yourself every other right you give to others.



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