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You can lead a holy life in a world when evil is dominant

You can lead a holy life in a world when evil is dominant

Your angel’s message of the day today is “Leading a holy life may seem difficult and even impossible especially in these ever-changing times. However, you are reminded that you are a unique being capable of achieving what others may deem unachievable. Just like the smallest stars twinkle brightly at night, you are called upon to keep shining no matter the darkness in life.

Below are some tips on how to lead a holy life;

Be kind

Kindness and care for other people and even animals will cost you nothing rather it will earn you many blessings. It is a pity that there are people who pride themselves on being mean and rude while enjoying being referred to as savage. If you want to know the value of kindness, ask someone who failed to secure a job because the employer was somebody they were unkind to in the past. Animals do not understand human language but one thing for sure is that kindness is the universal language that even the animals understand.

Be Bold

Stand up for what you believe is right even when you are the only one standing. Just because many people are supporting the wrong thing does not make it right. Let not the fear of being alone stop you from holding onto your beliefs and living a holy life regardless of the status quo. If you are a teen and believe in waiting till marriage, do not let your peers influence you into pre-marital intimacy by making you feel like you are missing something. If you are married and you believe in honoring your marital vows, do not let society change you and turn you into believing there is no harm in adultery. People indeed have different beliefs and the free will to live life in a manner they think best but it is up to you to listen to your conscience, stick to your values, and live a holy life. If you are not firm, you are prone to get swayed and led to living a life you feel guilty about.

Learn to forgive, forget and let go

Did you know that when someone wrongs you and you fail to forgive them, you will be hurt too? Unforgiveness is like being locked up in prison and when you forgive someone, you do not only free them but also free yourself. The most bitter people are the ones who do not forgive others and the pain eats them up. Sometimes you hold a grudge against someone while they have no idea and you end up suffering the effects alone. The best thing is to forgive and forget.

Respect your parents

As children, you need to obey your parents even when you don’t feel like-It is the hope and desire of every parent that their children will always be obedient. As children, it is disrespectful when you disobey your parents because they will be hurt. Your reason for disobedience may feel justified to you but you need to understand that they only want what is best for you. Their methods may seem wrong to you hence you need to communicate and open up your worries and fears to them. You may never understand the sacrifices your parents are making for you until you become a parent. If you are doing poorly in school and they get you grounded to help you improve, it is because they love you and they would like you to excel by spending more time on your studies.

During your teenage years, you may suddenly start to feel that your parents are old-fashioned just because of the generational gap. You may begin to relate more to your peers and become resistant to the parents who did everything for you. In these teen years and even as a young adult, you will begin to realize that your parents are not the perfect beings you always thought they were. As a child, your parents were flawless and always had a solution to every problem you had. Growing up exposes you to reality and you realize they are also humans who face challenges just like you. If you are not careful, the sudden recognition of flaws may result in you harboring disrespectful thoughts and feelings towards them. If you find your parents having marital issues, it is not in your position to take sides or even interfere. Remember you were not there when they decided to live together in matrimony hence it is none of your business.

Some of you teenagers and young adults battle hatred in your hearts due to issues that do not even concern you. Just because your father cheated on your mother you now hate him and even cut ties with him. Why are you angry on your mother’s behalf? Despite your anger, that man remains your father and that hatred may consume you and affect your relationships with other people. Just because your mother ran away from her matrimonial home and got married again doesn’t give you the right to hate her or insult her. To lead a holy life, you need to learn to respect your parents regardless of the life decisions they make.

Finally, guide those in the dark towards the light; When you are fortunate enough to find the light, do not forget your sufferings when you were in the dark. For this reason, take that light to the people in the dark so that their pain may eventually come to an end. Upon living a holy life and knowing its importance and benefits, you are tasked with the responsibility of directing other lost souls to a holy life. Your angel sends you a message of hope and love, letting you know that you are blessed beyond measure, you are unique and you need to stop worrying too much about people who think you are missing out on life just because you are leading a holy life. 


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