Your Angel Message For Today

You Cannot Be Taught Everything You Need To Know, The Best Thing Someone Can Do For You Is To Put You In A Position Where You Will Find What You Need To Know At The Right Time When You Need To Know It.

You Cannot Be Taught Everything You Need To Know, The Best Thing Someone Can Do For You Is To Put You In A Position Where You Will Find What You Need To Know At The Right Time When You Need To Know It.

Today’s message from your angel is on online classes. This method of learning is becoming the norm and it challenges the strong relationships that were built on traditional classes. Have you, or do you know anyone taking online classes? You agree it’s a completely different shift from the usual and requires you to completely change the way of doing things. There is the importance of having a teacher-student relationship in a class; its impact greatly contributes to a student’s success.

Your angel understands the need of face to face interactions and knows they cannot be replicated with the click of a button. This said you have to adjust to the changing times and embrace this new method of learning. Reflect on the experience of learning in an enforced online class and how you can make the experience better for yourself or anyone else. Online classes will give you life lessons that provide insight, even as you seek sustainable ways to connect.

You Have To Be Intentional.

With online classes, the ease of relating in person is always missing. You cannot compare an online zoom class to a physical one. It becomes more difficult to show welcome and warmth. Some things like this emerge effortlessly in person, even a smile or a glance and now they have to be created intentionally. Online classes need to create an atmosphere that is engaging and that feels similar to a physical class. You might have attended an online class, there are times you do not feel included and it’s like you are lost in an audience of people. It will be better if students are also engaged to share their experiences and insights about topics in the classes. There have to be ways that are used to build connections.

In life, you have to act intentionally to have the results that you want. Some things do not just happen automatically; they need to be worked on. A similar example is where you want to have a good and lasting relationship with your partner but you do nothing about it and just let things steer themselves without putting in any effort. The truth is that the relationship will slowly die off and you will want to try other new and exciting challenges. Every relationship is worked on, even the beautiful old couples you see had to commit themselves to the process. Your angel wants you to be intentional about what you want, and be willing to work on it until you get the results that are pleasing to you. You cannot keep running when something is not working, how about you stay there and purpose to fix it?

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Humanity.

When teaching, teachers try to connect the students’ life experiences and the world around them with what they are teaching. This allows learning to be personal and something students can relate to. With online classes, some students have had a difficult time engaging and have shut themselves in. You agree it is necessary that even as you learn, you should feel heard. Online classes have created a variety of avenues to connect with the students, by having teacher-student interactions, group discussions with peers, and social media discussions. Now students are able to share their experiences and feel included. It is very easy to take the things people do for granted. The world has people who are becoming cold towards each other and less sensitive to each other’s problems.

Your angel knows how many times you might have felt let down with someone, and with an intention of avoiding being hurt again, you have resulted to toughen up and lose your soft spot for things. You cannot continue to live like this; there is so much you will miss by being cold emotionally. Imagine the joy that radiates by connecting with other people, by telling people you care about how you feel. Do not lose your humanity. Be kind and care for people. Listen just as you would want to be listened to and give someone hopes to carry on and remind them that goodness still exists in the universe. When you embrace humanity, it will have ripple effects on the people you meet and you get to heal from disappointments from one person to another.

Postponing Things Is Suicide To A Dream.

When you attend online classes, you tend to think that the work for the course can be put off until you find time to do it. When you do this, you tend to get very far behind and it takes you a while to catch back on with the other class and assignments. The students who procrastinate doing their assignments, end up withdrawing from the course because they have fallen behind so much and have not been submitting assignments that help with the grading. An online student should always spare time in their schedule to be at the same pace as the rest. Although online classes are convenient, they should not be taken lightly, because you have to do the same work as a traditional class.

Procrastination has always been a killer of dreams. How often do you give up on your dreams because you've never started them? Most people have very great ideas that can do wonders, but they would rather sit on them than start acting. Create self-discipline and do things even when you do not feel like it. You might have a very great idea, but you are not any different from the rest if you just speak about it. You have enough time, and if you really want to do something, you will do it. Most people tend to say things like, “You know I never have enough time”. This is an excuse that you should avoid using. Make yourself accountable and start moving. If not now, when are you willing to commit and start?





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