Your Angel Message For Today

You don’t have to do it alone.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Today’s angel focuses on showing you the help you need. You may have the same capability as your brother or sister but this does not make you less of a person. You are designed to co-exist with others which means you cannot be entirely sufficient on your own but you need the other person in their capacity to make your life easier. What makes life interesting is that you cannot do everything independently, and with all these differences, the human race can exist peacefully depending on each other.

Truth be told, there are times you might not feel good enough because of something you didn’t manage to do as expected but your angel is letting you know that you are capable. Most people live all their lives trying to prove that they are enough by themselves which can be very exhausting. 

You need other people

Your actions are driven mainly by how you feel about the situation or the person in question and sometimes you find that out of disappointment the people around you do not appreciate your capacity and passions which may push you to bow to pressure and overstretch just to prove that you can be more than what they think.

It is a good thing to stretch and grow, but the main concern is knowing the purpose. You will be more fulfilled if the intention is not tied to any motive of proving yourself to people. You ought to accept yourself with all the good and the ugly before someone else does. 

When you get to the path of proving that you can do more for people, your emotions will be on the steering wheel, and you won’t be able to listen or take advice. Any good product that you see and admire has gone through an entire process resulting from different inputs. Carrying all this load by yourself will only break you. 

Lack of wisdom; Having someone wiser than you gives you a safer landing place. In the business arena, you find out that most businesses thrive due to having some exclusive information about their competitors which gives them an edge over the competitors. Life becomes easier when you recognize the people around you in their different capacities and abilities.

A Termite colon has different types of termites; Fertile and Sterile. Each termite type has a significant role in its domain. They have workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites. The workers do the maintenance and repair, fetching food and caring for the queen and eggs. The soldiers, as the name suggests, defend the nest from enemies.

The reproductive ones create new termite colonies. All these types of termites have their bodies structured to suit their role. With this organization, ask yourself, will they not achieve their ultimate goal? They are hard workers and they communicate and appreciate what they have to offer.

The value of self

You are worth how you treat and see yourself; Knowing who you are will help you set some values for yourself. Your value does not depend on what you are capable of or not but instead on the way you see and appreciate yourself. You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Jealous people often never appreciate who they are and what they have but their focus is on being right all the time.

Life is unfair in itself, and you don’t want to spend your precious breath striving to be correct because it is exhausting and draining. How about you own what you have, whether it’s a talent or a skill, work on it to your level best to better yourself and not compete. The only person you are sure to compete with and be a better person is you. This means aiming at bettering yourself each day. It’s easier to appreciate other people’s capabilities when you see the good in yourself. In return, you get to learn from them with time.

Imagine if you were to be in every role in an organization; the truth is you will be crushed and your energy drained. Everyone in your life is essential in their own capacity and this explains why you might be interacting with your friends at different levels. Some get to know the innermost secrets of your life, the ones that are companions in certain events, and so on. You know who to take you to specific events and who cannot.

This separation is because they are different, and you need them all. Today you are assured that requiring and seeking help doesn’t mean that you are weak but It shows that you are strong enough to accept that the other person can compliment you with what they are good at. Making an important decision requires that you have more information so that you won’t make a mistake. Taking advice shows how wise you are to be sure that you may be missing a piece of important information, and it might cost you.

Harmony at last.

People are wired in a way that they thrive in an environment that is peaceful. When you uplift another person for a job well done, they will tend to always be up to their game to maintain your trust. When you operate in an environment where you are appreciated, you feel good about yourself, and it’s accessible to cooperate with others in their capacity for the ultimate goal.

You have to learn to coexist with others, embracing all their shortcomings and capabilities. Peace exists where there is good communication and understanding. In whatever you do, acknowledge that yes, it's your responsibility, but you have people around you to give you a hand. Take a seat, breathe in and out, think of all the people in your life that can help you handle it and communicate. Communication is an essential tool for any goal you have.

Without sharing, how will your friends know you need their help? The termites are blind, but guess what? They communicate via chemical means. Coordination is important in their daily activities. In everything you do, make sure you keep the people around you in check for more accessible task execution. You are a winner if all of you win. I am sure by now you feel your burden has been eased.

Finally, your angel lets you know that the sweetness of life is that you are created to need each other and be readily available when needed and this is worth the breath you have in your lungs; that is why you are different.


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