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You Have Everything You Need If You Love What You Have Right Now.

You Have Everything You Need If You Love What You Have Right Now.

Blogs have really advanced over the years, recently running a blog involves a lot of amazing things and there is always something new to learn. Having an audience that has so much exposure and alternatives to choose from, can easily create self-criticism, doubt, and a lot of fear when you think of how the audience will react. Blogs have allowed people to evolve and embrace continuous change. When you know so many people who are talented in the world, each knowing a different thing and having a certain skill to offer, you cannot afford to just sit around and not do something about it. Your angel insists on the importance of desiring growth and always progressing yourself. Your angel wants you to find your creativity and spot that area that will make you unique, and give it to the world.

Entry Level Bloggers Tend To Underestimate Themselves.

When you begin writing your blogs, you may feel so much doubt about whether and wonder whether it will be successful or not. You may not have followers, or even get enough traffic to your blog. Out of the blues, you can notice some recognition from reputable brands and you wonder what makes your blogging unique that they choose you.  When you begin, you can quickly accept bad offers of branding products on your blog, because you think you are lucky they have considered you and they have also given you exposure. The truth is you are of value because of how you do your work. When you are patient and consistent with your blogging, you will notice very good results. You do not have to put yourself into things that don’t make sense to you just because you think you will benefit, but in the real sense, you are being taken advantage of. 

Your angel wants you to have the courage to say no to things that don’t serve you and learn to walk away from them. People may think you are crazy for thinking you are in a position to negotiate anything, yet the service you deliver hasn’t thrived yet. However, that should make you realize that you should never underestimate yourself because there is something you do that brought their attention to you. For instance, you may have just finished your school course and you just got your first job.

You can easily downplay the skills you bring to the table in this situation because you have found people who are well experienced in the field, but the truth is there are so many new things you can teach the rest. You should always know your worth and never let others discourage you from following your passions. You work so hard and you use your time to continually get better, so you have to be quite selective about the things you choose to involve yourself in.

Your angel asks you to always stay true to yourself and to never stop doing authentic work that you are proud of. Avoid at all costs to be taken advantage of, regardless of what stage you are in. Your angel wants you to not feel obligated to do something that you don’t like because sometimes you have to say no to good things, so you can allow better things in your life.

Perfection Is Far Fetched.

When you write a blog, there is so much pressure to appear as a perfect individual, you simply get terrified of making any mistakes. Whenever you make a mistake in your blog, you beat yourself up so much, and the thought that you messed up always lingers in your head. As a person who probably doesn’t have much exposure to the area you are writing blogs about, it is easy to question everything you write. You would feel paranoid that maybe someone will spot that you missed a thing. This is always a very irrational fear that can limit you from enjoying the work you do. 

Your angel encourages you to accept that making mistakes is one of the surest ways of learning and improving. You cannot continue hiding what you are not sure of, in the hope that someone wouldn’t notice. For example, you may start a business, but you do not know how to go about it perfectly and people may think it will collapse. The truth is, just like writing a blog, you will learn and get better the more you get into it. You have to know what works best for you, and that can only be done by making some mistakes along the way. Do you criticize yourself after making a mistake? If you do, you probably know that that can limit your confidence and you will be more afraid of trying. 

Your angel thinks you should embrace your imperfections and you should try to challenge your need of being perfect. The fact that you make mistakes is what confirms that you are authentic to what you do and you are not trying to be like everyone else.  Be gentle with yourself, and forgive yourself whenever you are wrong. Learn to always move on when it is time. You are here to live, not to rush through things and make the right decisions all the time. So do not deny yourself an opportunity to be truly human.

Top Tip Of The Day.

Taking the first step is the beginning of learning. Put that perfectionist mentality behind you and do not miss out on finding what you are passionate about, which must be something that gives you a lot of joy in your life. While most people spend their time waiting, it is good to know that the perfect moment will never come; “you just can’t wait to be happy again”, “you just can’t wait till you meet someone great”. For how long should this be? Your angel advises that you should not wait if you want to go after something. Do it now. Dare to be different and let your adrenaline be high anytime you think of what next you need to achieve.

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