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You have the power and free will to design your life as you wish it to be.

You have the power and free will to design your life as you wish it to be.

Creating a Blog

If you have ever created a blog, you understand that you make a lot of decisions such as designing it as you please as well as having all the control to make any changes you deem necessary. You may seek recommendations and ideas but you never ask for approval from anybody on designing your blog. You decide on the name, niche as well as come up with content you deem most suitable for your audience. Even if you feel the content was not suitable enough, you may change it midway.

Insights to Guide you When Creating Your Blog

Today your angel wants you to know that living life is like creating a blog. Below are various aspects to enlighten you and give you more insights on creating your blog.

Conduct your research-If you were starting a fashion blog, you would need to understand the fashion world and find out what your readers would be interested in. Whether you need to blog on children, teens, male or female niches will be determined by who your target readers are. If your target readers are men, it would only be sensible to blog on men’s fashion.  Life will require you to look in-depth and find your purpose because it will be meaningless and empty if you try living a life that was uncalled for.

Find your ikigai-Before creating a blog, there are various questions that you need to consider; Does the world need to read this? Do I love and enjoy blogging? Am I good at the content I intend to blog about? Do I earn from the result of the blog? If you are able to respond to these questions you will be fine to establish the blog. Like the Japanese call it, ikigai, this is the reason for your existence. This will require you to find out your mission, which is what the world needs from you, your profession, which is what you are good at, your vocation, which is what you can be paid for and your passion, this is what you love then integrate them into one.

Create a plan-While creating a blog, you need to have a plan on how to approach your target readers as well as plan the content. Life will require you to have goals and objectives in every aspect of your life. Whether it is in education, career, or family life, you need to plan what you want so that you do not merely exist but live life to the fullest.

Make the right decisions-Creating your blog will require you to decide on the type of layout design, intended readers as well as the content to blog about. Similarly, life is like a blog that you are creating and you are required to choose the things and people to bring into it. Suppose you are a young adult who has just joined college, you understand that you choose the type of life to lead.

You may choose to concentrate on your studies as well as co-curricular activities that result in you being an excellent student. Alternatively, you may choose to get into bad company, skip lectures to attend parties, intending to gain, and even miss exams. As you make the decisions you want, always put in mind that for every choice you make, there will always be consequences.

Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Life

Establish meaningful relationships-When creating a blog, it is important to establish a good relationship with your readers which is possible by providing the appropriate content to them as well as responding to the feedback suggestions appropriately. In life, you need to establish good relationships with other people. Determine which type of relationships bring value and are worth keeping and invest in them as you let go of the relationships that try to control you.

Do not be controlled by the love of money-When creating a blog, focusing all your attention on how to make more money through blogging may distract you from the intended objective of the blog. You agree that money is important but the truth is that if you let money control you and all your decisions, you will end up being distracted from your main purpose in life.

Forget the past-The success of your past does not determine the success of your future nor does the failure of your past certify you as a failure. If you keep looking back at what never worked, you may be discouraged from progressing. If a fashion niche for your blog did not peak, ditch it and start a food niche blog. If you keep gallivanting there waiting for a miracle, you might spend the rest of your life hopeless and discouraged.

Similarly, if you were successful in blogging about men’s clothes, focusing on that past may blind you from realizing the changes in preferences as well as the market changes and adopting them in your blog to keep us.  Letting the past take control of your life will inhibit your growth leaving you frail.  

Be Cautious about Pleasing other People-As a blogger, some of the readers will not like your content not because it is not appropriate but they are just pessimists who enjoy spending negative energy. This should not make you delete the content or discontinue blogging because that is exactly what they would want you to do.  Do not let the obsession of fitting into societal expectations define your life.

Ask yourself whether your actions are right or if you are just doing them to fit in and seek approval from the rest. It could be you are getting involved in charity with the intention of gaining society’s respect and admiration instead of touching the lives of the beneficiaries and the desire to make a difference. It could also be that you are leading a luxurious life that is beyond your budget intending to be recognized which leaves you drained financially.

When you lead a life that is determined by the opinions of other people, you give out your control and give them the password to your blogging account where they will change everything as they wish and please.



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