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You Have To Increase Your Effort But Do Not Decrease Your Goal.

You Have To Increase Your Effort But Do Not Decrease Your Goal.

Your angel’s topic for today is gas. What do you stand for in life? What makes your life easier? Could be a life skill that has helped you be able to overcome your moral beliefs.  Your angel believes that when you have a purpose, that can directly affect other people’s lives positively, you will always be needed and your impact will most likely never be forgotten by some people.

Today’s angel will teach you some life lessons from gas, which is a necessity for most things to happen in your daily life.  Allow the lessons to shed some light on some areas of your life.

Learn To Be Flexible.

Gas is a state of matter that consists of particles that have neither shape nor volume. Gas can be filled in any shape of a cylinder and can be transported through pipes. Most homes use gas cylinders which have to be used in cooking. Even in this state gas is very important for day-to-day activities, like lighting bulbs, cooking, and also transport. Regardless of it not being tangible, its impact is very noticeable.

Similarly, in life, you have to allow yourself to be flexible. To be able to maneuver through situations that give you discomfort, you must be able to change your mindset in a manner that you can adapt to certain circumstances, but still, your impact should be felt. You could be married to your spouse and there is something that they would want you to work on so that your relationship could be better, it could even be your attitude.

A major factor to have a healthy relationship is flexibility. Being able to let other people be comfortable, not at the compromise of what you believe in, but changing what is necessary if it bothers them. Do not be rigid with your understanding, allow someone else to show you the way sometimes. Sometimes being adamant in your ways can make other people give up in even trying to make things work. Your angel believes that if you have an open mind, it will be very easy for you to make a change since you will be able to perceive life from various perspectives.

Choose To Have Faith.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to recognize the presence of gas in a place because it is invincible. People believe that seeing is believing and it is very difficult that something that cannot be seen can occupy space.  Although some gases are visible, they are not the ones that are mostly used in your everyday life. It is always difficult to grasp the fact that a container can be empty and yet still full of air. All gases, whether visible or invisible, have weight.  Sometimes it is just the odor of gas that can make you know its presence.

In life, this is similar to having faith since faith is something you cannot feel or touch but a belief that what you believe will come to pass. Implementing faith should be shown by actions, you cannot just say you have faith. What are your deeds that reflect this? You might be a student who needs to go back to school and you have a school fees problem, maybe the family does not have enough money yet. When your father tells you he will take you to school eventually, you automatically trust him and be at peace. Such that even when the schools open again and students are reporting back. You still have faith in your father that he cares for you and you know, though in an unexplainable way, that you will go back to school.

In life, if you do not have faith in something, it is easy to lose hope and give up. Think about all the things you look forward to, even without surety, you choose to believe they will happen! It gives you the drive to keep pushing, to know there is a light at the end of each tunnel. That though you cannot see it, you know it is there. Your angel wants you to rebuild your faith and truth, just like a little child does believe in fairy tales. Reignite your dreams again and act on them, you will see they will start manifesting in your real life.

Not Everything You Do Will Work For You.

Most gases are really important in your life. From breathing, making plastics, operating equipment, and other functions. However, there are gases that are really harmful and can affect the environment. Some gases deplete the ozone layer which can cause global warming. You need your lungs to stay alive. It is good to be informed about the dangers of various gases. Certain industries such as chemical manufacturers deal with the potential exposure to toxic gases. Considering many are odorless and invincible, they can go undetected. Always choose to be informed about the possible risks with gases and how to minimize them.

Similarly, to life, not everything that has worked for you before will continue to work in favor of you.  It comes to a point in life when your attention shifts and most of your time is used for working and creating a future for yourself. You outgrow it. Too much of everything can cause harm. It is good to pass an idea through someone you trust because not everything you decide to do can be good for you. You could want to open a business during this time when there are a lot of economic problems and someone else can tell you that that is not the best idea, you should rather buy an asset. Sometimes it is the people close to you that keep you from taking the wrong path. Some decisions can really affect the course of your life, do not make them while rushing.

Not everything you do has to be good, especially when you are starting. It is okay to be an amateur sometimes.



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