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You May Decide Not To Be Reduced By The Events That Go Around You, Even If You Cannot Control Them.

You May Decide Not To Be Reduced By The Events That Go Around You, Even If You Cannot Control Them.

Do you ever have the urge to advocate for someone when they are being mistreated?  Do you wish the world could be a better place where justice is served and even the people who go unheard can have a voice? You can only start advocating for yourself first, you cannot treat anyone else any better than you treat yourself. Your angel knows the necessity of self-acceptance and being confident in who you are if you want it to reflect on the people you interact with.

Your message from your angel today is about a lawyer, who is a person that practices law.  Practicing law is always seen as a sophisticated career, but its effects are felt by everyone who has a case to be handled, either great or small. Lawyers interact with different people daily and there are some life lessons you can learn from them.

Never Stop Reading, Always Know New Things.

As a lawyer, you need to have a desire to know more and have an enquiring mind. Lawyers progressively grow and try to perfect their analytical skills and the ability to think on their feet because a client could expect an immediate solution to something. Lawyers do not stop reading, they have to be frequent and fast. A lawyer has to understand brief information about cases and be able to have an effective response fast. There are always laws that are changed, they also have to understand the laws that govern the places they are in.  It is a continuous process of learning things for them to come out as the best.

Similarly, in life, you cannot be satisfied where you are. It is very easy to be stagnant if you choose to just keep what you know. Learning and unlearning are a requirement to progress, in relationships, in careers, and all areas of your life.  You could have a business, but the lack of curiosity or a desire to know things could make your business slowly die out. People can find it outdated because you do not know the trends going around.

Learn to try things out of your comfort zone, things that thrill you to want to know more. It is very embarrassing to be in a group of people and you are the only one who never knows what to say because you do not know the subject matter in the first place. Your angel understands that you live in a competitive world, and would want you to live an active life because this is your time to.

What Is Your Vision?

Lawyers are used to monotony because the law is practiced the way it was practiced before, there is hardly anything new or different. Continually being busy with cases, projects and clients limits them from making well followed through future decisions. They use the same laws to defend people and most times they just pick up what is the norm. It is very hard for a lawyer to come up with new strategies. For example, changing the workplace environment, the approach to cases, or even creating a different way to work how they would want. Lawyers strive to conform and match others, they speak the same words, same marketing strategies, and do everything to blend in with the rest.

It is very difficult to bring your reality to a place that has worked the same way time immemorial. It makes you ask yourself, what is your vision? Are you bold enough to bring it into reality, despite the odds you face in your environment? You could be a person who knows how the youth go unheard in a society, how they struggle to get jobs and you have an idea of creating projects that can be inclusive and also listen to the issues the youth go through. It is easy to shy away from doing this because you might feel opposed. Learning to be okay outside your comfort zone will help you to grow. Choose to be bold. Have a vision.

Your angel does not want you to do things blindly and let the best plan win. Have a strategy in life, know what you stand for and forge ahead to achieve it. If you do not know what you want, you will settle for anything that comes your way, even counterfeits, only to realize much later that you are not happy with the life you created. It is today that you can see your future, it is today that you can choose a different life. The universe works with you to create what you envision.

You Will Not Always Call The Shots.

Usually, businesses exist for customer satisfaction but most law firms exist to satisfy the lawyer’s needs.  Lawyers organize their practices around the law rather than the needs of the clients. Sometimes, lawyers’ offices can be inaccessible because of their location and hire people who do quality legal work rather than those who know how to meet the clients’ needs. To have any successful business, you need to interact with the clients and let them call the shots within professional boundaries. By listening to them, answering them, and being reliable no matter how pressuring people can be sometimes. Though at some point lawyers have to call the shots by giving professional advice, this should not be a limitation.

Knowing when to let other people be in control is important. It will allow new ideas and different leadership skills. You could be a parent who is used to dictating your child to do things, but when the child puts their foot down and speaks their mind, it could bother you at first and think they are being disrespectful.  Looking at it on the brighter side, you are now able to see how your child thinks, their decision-making process and if they are ready to live fruitful lives. It is okay to be in the backseat sometimes.

Everything you learn to do positively develops you personally and makes it easier for you to coexist with people of different thinking. Do not refuse the process, it is normal to think you are the best, only to have other people who know more than you do. Your angel reminds you that it is your choice how you want to spend your entire life, do not forget that, so make it worthy for yourself.



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