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Delayed cord clamping.

After birth, delayed cord clamping allows time for the infant to absorb the cord blood which is beneficial for their health. As a young child or a teenager, you may be feeling too mature and look forward to leaving your parents’ or guardians’ homes. They love you and are willing to do everything to make your life better although it may seem harsh to you sometimes.

They are the cord that connects you to a better future and the advice and care they give you is the cord blood. How many times do you throw away that cord blood by turning a deaf ear to their advice? Just because you are a young lady and you got into your first relationship, you think that your boyfriend can replace your parents. You rebel and even have the audacity to think that they do not want you to be happy just because you have found love.

Relax young girl, your parents have seen more than you think. Just because you broke your voice and grew taller than your parents, you now think you are the man of the house and begin disrespecting your father. Calm down, young man! What you see while at the peak of the mountain, that man you are disrespecting can see it while seated.

The type of cord connecting your present and your future determines its nature. For a successful future, you need vision as the cord blood and then tap all its nutrients required for a better tomorrow. Today you might be in your 20s and at this stage, you are trying to figure out life as well as trying to discover your passions and purpose.

During this stage, if you are not careful you might close your eyes, lose sight of your future and come to regret it eventually. It is best to make everything easier by being obedient, opening your eyes wider, and gaining clarity of where you want to be in the future.

Invest for a better tomorrow.

Some people prefer to save cord blood for use at a later stage in case they need it. Cord blood is used to fight diseases like cancer or leukemia. When a child is born, a parent has the option of banking it, in case the child falls sick in the future. Some things cannot be predetermined but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, to life, you should not exhaust all the resources you have without planning for tomorrow.

What is the essence of having a lavish life today and depending on people tomorrow? Always try to save some and spend some. Try to create different sources of income. Use the little you have to start something else that will bring you earnings. Have options in case one way does not work. Your angel reminds you to learn to coexist with people because they come in handy when you are growing.

Being private about your life keeps it safe.

Cord blood can be used on the child donor, the siblings, parents, or grandparents. Not everyone can use it. The patients’ privacy is protected and the confidentiality of their data is maintained to protect individual rights and public expectations. What is not known cannot be harmed. In life, privacy helps you have a peaceful life because you will not feel like people are meddling with your life.

You are more respected when there is some curiosity around you, People tend to lose it when they know all your business. You could be a person who tells everything about your spouse, even intimate things to your friends, you have no secrets at all. It seems fun but they end up despising him as well. It will be your undoing because you will start to feel uncomfortable around the same people and feel the need to constantly defend your partner from the perspective they have formed.

Learn to know the difference between things you can talk about and those that you should keep to yourself. This is an easier way to maintain long-lasting and healthier relationships with your friends and spouse.

Nothing is constant in life.

Cord blood is mostly stored for use just in case someone needs it in a family. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone is or will be sick. It can also be used to make a donation for research or to an ill patient who needs it. A parent is always fully informed about how the cord blood will be stored and it is not taken as just discarding something after birth.

A lot of research goes on around cord blood when used in response to a disease, and a patient is informed about all the risks and benefits they could get from using it. Some seriously ill parents choose to go ahead to use such methods for treatment even when the side effects are not fully known.

Today, you are reminded to embrace diversity, to have an open mind towards the things that happen. It is said to change is the only constant thing. Every moment is bound to be replaced by another. The one thing you can choose to do is to enjoy each and truly live because you do not know for how long it stays. You could be financially unstable right now, but that does not mean it’s going to last forever.

In life, you could have a young child, and you constantly treat the child wrongly because you feel the child is hindering you from going places, meeting people, or experiencing a whole life. Do not forget that children remember everything they have gone through and they will soon grow up and have independent lives. Your actions will have shaped their view of the world.

It would be so difficult for the child to adapt to the world and be emotionally stable. That is not the kind of relationship you would want to have. There is a season for everything, learn to do what you are supposed to do in each to avoid regrets.

A new thing will always find you, wait patiently.


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