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You Should Do Your Best Not To Interfere When Your Opinion Has Not Been Sought.

You Should Do Your Best Not To Interfere When Your Opinion Has Not Been Sought.

Have you ever been with someone who wants to take all the credit when you are the one that has done most of the job? You tend to feel unappreciated and as if the other person is selfish. You could possibly feel unseen, and don’t see the need to try harder next time. Your angel knows that is a scenario that happens so many times, and would want you to look beyond getting the credit and see the experience you got from what you did.

Today’s message from your angel is about credit, which means acknowledging someone’s role in something. Why is it important you ask? Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the good and hard work they do. Everyone wants to know that people notice the work they do, it keeps you going and dedicating yourself more and more to get better results. Today, your angel will guide you through credit and you will get to see some of the life lessons you can learn from it.

You Are The First Person Who Needs To Validate Yourself.

There is nothing that can annoy you more than someone else taking credit for your work. You could share an idea with one of your colleagues then you hear him repeat it in a meeting in front of the bosses. You could stay up late to finish up on some teamwork that most people were not participating in yet someone else takes all the praise for doing a good job. You may wonder how to handle these situations, should you speak up right there and address the issue? You wonder what you will do to make sure you get your well-deserved credit in the future. The best thing to do in such a situation is to keep calm and take time to sink into what happened instead of calling out the person and causing a scene.

When you choose to address the issue there and then, you might end up out argued because your emotions are hurt and out of place at the moment.  Learn to believe in yourself and the skills you have before anyone else does. You could be a woman who continuously seeks the approval of your partner, which makes you alter the truest parts of yourself so that you can please him. When this person is not interested in you, doesn’t validate you, or leaves, you will most likely feel frustrated and you won't know where you went wrong. You will always think it is your fault and you should have worked harder. 

Learn to validate yourself by knowing who you are first. What drives you in life? What are the values that you have chosen to live by? Not anyone else’s, yours. People will always have a standard they set for you, so when you seek external validation you will never satisfy anyone, not even yourself. People hardly ever think of the impact that will be caused by those things that they tell you to do. If you are missing out on what can actually make your life happier.

Your angel urges you to take a look at your motives. Do you think you are seeking validation? Whom do you want to feel acceptance from the most? Do not allow yourself to act according to how others perceive you. Choose to be free by being true to yourself.

Learn To Compliment Others When They Deserve It.

One of the sure ways of bringing out the best in others is by acknowledging them. Giving someone credit where it is due is very important because it will boost their esteem and give them a desire to achieve more. Everyone likes being appreciated and acknowledged. It is tied to the need you have to fit in and have a sense of belonging.

Acknowledging what someone does is a very powerful way to meet this need and it helps increase the level of collaboration and trust. You can choose to make your relationships healthy by appreciating the people around you. You might be a parent to a child who constantly wants to show you the things they have done, maybe show you how they scored in their exam, how tidy their room is, or even by preparing a meal for you. It is easy for you to think it is a bother, for them to have you go through this routine or you feel like it is your right that they should do something for you. Most times, your child wants to hear you appreciate them. They want to feel loved and wanted by you. It is often easy to point out the mistakes your loved one does rather than when they do something that is right.

Your angel wants you to learn to take time before you criticize someone, and you should rather choose to see the good things this person does. When you give tough love, always allow it to be followed by positive feedback. Everyone needs reassurance that they are doing something right in their lives.

Choose Not To Be So Hard On Yourself.

Often people believe that being hard on themselves is the only way to achieve their goals. You might think that an unforgiving attitude and competitiveness are just what you need to push yourself until you succeed. The truth is by giving yourself credit when you have done something gives you confidence. Having self-love and self-compassion will take you to greater accomplishments. When you are hard on yourself, you can easily stop acting on what you need to do and have anxiety because you start believing that the failures you experience are part of who you are. 

Your angel knows that giving yourself credit will increase your drive, you will want to make changes, and obstacles you meet along the way will not stop you. You will find there are so many commendable things you do along the way before you get to where you are going, give yourself credit for those ones. Celebrate each one of them. Choose to learn from your mistakes, do not dwell on them. Stay positive and believe in yourself, you will get remarkable results.


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