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You Should Not Base Your Decisions On The Advice Of People Who Will Not Have To Deal With The Results.

You Should Not Base Your Decisions On The Advice Of People Who Will Not Have To Deal With The Results.

Today’s message from your angel is about timeshare-which is shared ownership of vacation properties.  Most people avoid buying a timeshare because of the thought that it could be a rip-off, considering they pay an amount of money and spend very little time at the place.  Timeshare comes in handy when someone knows what they are looking for and they have a plan of traveling often. Getting to share is not an easy thing for many, they would rather own it and have the freedom of going to their property whenever they like.

Timeshare gives you a deeper perspective into sharing. Knowing that people will be in the same house all year round and yet you feel comfortable with that fact is incredible. Timeshare opens you up to trusting people. Giving a sum of money and having the assurance that you will always find a well-maintained place is choosing to believe that people will do what they are supposed to do with honesty.

Your angel wants to guide you through timeshare, where you will get some life lessons that will help develop your spirit.

You Have To Show What You Are Capable Of Doing.

When attending a presentation for getting a timeshare, the sales representatives know how to get the clients interested. They have directories that have good pictures and descriptions of properties that are available throughout the world, that are available to be exchanged. The salespeople leave the clients to go through the directories on their own so that they can see how much they are missing. This is an important part to deal with any doubts or second thoughts from a client after they have already pitched them. You cannot think this to be a coincidence, but a well-planned tool that is used to seal the deal. 

Similarly, in life, you have to be about it for people to buy what you are bringing to the table. Your angel insists on having the confidence to be able to show what you are capable of doing, whether you are perfect at it or not. Many people lose opportunities because of being timid to represent themselves. Have you ever seen an individual who does not qualify for a job, but goes ahead and gets it because of their personality and their ability to sell themselves that they are able to do something?  No matter how perfect your skill is, if you do not try to get noticed for it, you will always miss opportunities. Find ways you can show the full benefits of what you are capable of doing. Do not shy away from your abilities and strength. 

Not Everyone Will Be In Your Corner.

Timeshare marketers are careful not to invite everyone to their sales event. They have learned to target their best prospects by selecting people who are willing to travel for vacations or getaways. These are the prospects who are most likely to understand the value that a timeshare has to offer. They could target retired people or those who are financially able to want this. Most of these prospects have ended up self-qualifying without barriers. Sales representatives are able to get clients by the simple skill of knowing how to target their audience.

The truth is, you cannot impress everybody, no matter how hard you try. Embracing this thought will help you to stop struggling and overworking yourself to satisfy others. Take this scenario, you are working at a place where you have never had any problems with your fellow staff. When someone tries to sabotage you and your business at some point, you will not understand where that is coming from. People low-key dislike each other, talk behind each other’s back and would be happy about your downfall. However, this should never make you feel alone and start questioning yourself. 

Your angel insists on the importance of knowing your mission at a given place. What are you supposed to do? That is the only thing you should focus on, everything else should be irrelevant. Always remember that the right people will stick by you and will address issues properly. Be comfortable with the fact that not everyone will have your back and that does not mean you should hate them for it.

Everyone Needs Individual Attention.

When attending a timeshare marketing presentation, you would expect that it would be to an entire crowd of prospective buyers. However, you will be interested to notice that they are more of one on one conversations. Each sales representative is with a family allowing the conversation to be tailored to their unique needs. Timeshare sellers have intentionally created this format to create a better learning experience for the buyers, to help them understand what they are getting into, and to answer any questions they might have. Every family has different needs and they would potentially lose much by not attending to each of their needs. People will always go where they feel heard and satisfied. 

In life, you have to personalize your relationships and how you handle each person. It does not matter if it is your children, colleagues, or even family. Allow yourself to give special attention to each. Take an example, where you have several children and you talk to them while they are together without spending time hanging out with each of them and creating a more intimate relationship. Do you think you would know what happens in their personal lives at any one point? What memories will you have for each of them?  Everyone is unique, and what pleases one will not please the other. 

Your angel wants you to have hope in people and not put them collectively because of situations you are familiar with. Give people chances when you can and hope to see goodness from them. As much as it is good to guard yourself against unnecessary hurt, do not limit yourself from living a full life with happy memories from people. Everyone that is in your life has a purpose, choose to know it.


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