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You Should Not Worry About What You Will Lose, Start Focusing On What You Will Gain When You Move On.

You Should Not Worry About What You Will Lose, Start Focusing On What You Will Gain When You Move On.

Today’s message from your angel is about cleanup. Living with baggage can limit you from moving further ahead or experiencing new things altogether. It is necessary to clean up some areas of life to create room for new things. Your angel sees the need to cling to things that have happened in your life because that is what you are familiar with, but there is so much to see on the other side that you should try to experience. Your angel will guide you through cleanup, to get some life lessons that will better your life.

Every Day Is A New Day, Live It As So.

Life consists of many lessons to help avoid some mistakes and some mistakes give lessons that are needed to someone. Every day is a new opportunity to create a new way and a new perspective. Often, your mind could be filled with many thoughts and things to do that you keep carrying forward to each new day. Choose to begin each day with a clear mind and try to rid yourself of yesterday’s baggage. You should not allow yesterday’s unfinished work to become a stumbling block or to thwart the agenda you have for today.  Start each day with a clean slate, trying to keep off any kind of pollution that could cloud your judgment. 

Your angel reminds you that each day you have life, there is a purpose to achieve. Do you keep postponing things that you plan to do? The thought that there is something you need to do every time can be tiring.  You will notice that there is very little progress when you pile up things to do.  Focus on assigning yourself manageable tasks that you won’t have to roll over.  You could try things like relaxing, stillness, or meditation to set your mind free from the pressures around you.

You Don’t Have To Be In Control.

Your mind is like a house. You can arrange it in the way you desire. You cannot let your mental space be cluttered with thoughts. You have a choice of thinking thoughts that drive you in your desired direction.  Do your best to replace negative thoughts with good ones to have more productivity.

Your angel wants you to learn to guard your mind and plant what will be favorable for you. Remember, you will always be who you think you are, so create room for positivity. There are many situations you cannot fix, no matter how much you think about them. You can never control everything, so whatever you can’t, learn to surrender it. Turmoil can lead to feeling discontented. You have to let go of things so that as each day passes, you will have lived it to the fullest. 

In life, you could be holding on to too many things that have happened to you, you keep reminiscing and going on about it over and over. This can limit you from feeling happy or being fully present with what is happening around you. You have to know that it is the past and there is nothing that can be changed about it. Look ahead of you, see all the unchartered waters. Why don’t you try it? Cleanup from that past. This is another chance to create a new story, with well-informed decisions. Grab it and live it.

Clean Up Your Relationships.

It is always good to get rid of people who drain your energy instead of lifting you. You should make a list of people you meet often and ask how you feel about each person, these could include family, friends, or even coworkers. Choose to give your precious time to deserving people. Choose people you are proud to be around, people who make you feel loved and give you joy. Whenever you find some unavoidable people, for example, a colleague, you can choose to give them less energy and thought even if you spend time with them. You cannot stay in unhealthy relationships because of fear of being judged by others. 

In life, you could have friends or family that always drags you behind with negative statements, some could be overindulging in activities you do not want to be a part of, or even you not being able to express yourself without them finding fault. In such events, you should learn to completely detach from the things that are happening and not put much interest in what someone is doing to hurt you. Be in control of your emotions and choose people that choose you.

Have Better Priorities.

Life has way many demands. If you choose to focus on all of them, it might be impossible to get any good results.  One way to juggle the demands is by letting the balls drop intentionally. Learn to be comfortable with saying, “no” and making time for what is important to you. Prioritization helps you organize your life better.

Your angel wants you to decline things that don’t serve your higher goals. You cannot be a jack of all trades if you want any substantial progress. In life, you might be a very ambitious person and you have a lot of dreams you want to achieve.

Imagine, starting a business, while you are employed, going to school, having a family and you still expect to spend time with friends and family. Which of these areas of life look like they will fare very well? Most likely they will suffer. On top of all that, you will end up having extreme burnout. Learn to create time for everything, each on its own. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and as much as you want to dream, let it not be at an expense that denies you the joy of being free.  You can still move ahead at a comfortable pace, try to find a way around it.  Always remember that life can fully surprise you. You will never know what will happen next, so be ready for the surprises and intend to enjoy the ride.


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