Your Angel Message For Today

“You were created a psychic being. Awaken and harness that power in you”

“You were created a psychic being. Awaken and harness that power in you”

Today your angel will help you in reclaiming the psychic power that you have lost. Did you know that humans are all created as psychic beings? What makes the difference is that the majority have a lower affinity for psychic power and are not open to attracting energy from the universe. Interestingly enough, most people are inclined to acknowledge the psychic power only in those who use magic tools such as tarot cards and energy crystals. However, that is just a limited perspective in a world where all humans possess at least an element of psychic power.

Recognizing your Psychic Power

Imagine you are waiting for a very important phone call and your phone’s battery dies. The obvious thing to do is to connect your phone to charge so that when the call is made you won’t be unavailable and miss it. Imagine if you realize that even with the availability you do not have a charger and there is no one else in your environs to borrow from or in case they are available, they do not have the right charger that you need. You will be disappointed, right? Worse still you could miss a lifetime opportunity if the call is made and you are unavailable.  Psychic power is similar, it is there just like the power, you only need to find the right charger to connect and draw the power. Your soul is like the phone, if you keep using it without powering it, it gradually gets drained and eventually dies. Find the right charger!

Awakening your psychic power

Your angel is reminding you that you can awaken your psychic power today. Below are tips on how to tap into the right frequency:

Ensure you have enough sleep-Your day to day activities whether you are at work or school may wear out your body’s energy to the extent of neglecting your soul. To awaken your psychic power, you need to ensure you are having enough sleep to make sure your body is strong enough.

Adopt a healthy diet routine-Knights preparing for war would be fed with the best energy-giving foods to ensure they got stronger and for sustainability. As you prepare to wield your psychic power, you need to feed your body with healthy food for the best results. Remember what you eat affects how your brain functions, so eat well.

Feed your soul-Apart from eating well, the knights would practice day and night and learn new war strategies to give them a competitive advantage over their enemies. In a similar manner, you need to feed your soul by adopting routines such as morning meditation, yoga, and reading. How you spend your first thirty minutes after waking up in the morning will determine how you spend your day. You tend to find that if you get up late and hastily get started with your daily routines without planning ahead, your entire day will be a mess as you will be trying to catch up with the time lost. For this reason, morning meditation is important and it’s a golden opportunity for you to start afresh. Forget the worries and failures of yesterday, it’s a brand new page and you determine how you want it to be. You are the driver, take the wheel!

Sort your friends-As the old adage goes “show me your friends and I will tell you what type of person you are”, you may not realize how much the people around you influence your life until they are away from you. At this point, take a pen and a paper and write down the names of at least ten people in your life whom you consider as your closest friends. Take a deep look into your life and find out the role they play by being part of your life. Are they just your colleagues who you interact with because your job is the only common thing between you? Are they confidants who are there to give you a listening ear when you need someone to open up to your deepest secrets?

Are they advisors you rush to when you are faced with an issue and you need to make a decision? Are they helpers you remember when you need some help and forget them totally after they have helped you? Every person is unique and they have a unique role they play in your life. Recognizing that role and sorting them in order of priority will help you in making a decision when it comes to choosing who stays in your life and who doesn’t. After analyzing your friends, you need to take a deep look into yourself and determine what type of friend you are to them. Are they just your friends or do they also consider you their friend?

Release, let go and listen- If you have a cup of dirty water and someone has clean water which you desperately need, but there is no other container to put the clean water, you need to pour out the dirty water and clean the cup to give space for the clean water. However, if you refuse to pour out the dirty water you will miss the clean water.


Similarly, awakening your psychic power will require you to release the negative energy from your soul, let go of things and people who are not vibrating on the same frequency as you are, and listen to your inner shrill voice yearning to be heard. Sometimes your inner soul tries to speak to you but your mind is filled with unnecessary noise and energies that block it, preventing you from getting the message. If you keep quiet and listen to your inner voice you will be surprised by how much you have been missing out on. Reconnect today with your inner soul and cultivate your psychic power.


Finally, your angel is sending you a message of love and wishes that you can use your psychic power for the good and betterment of the world. Learn to listen to your inner voice and you will realize that your life will improve significantly.