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Your angel is your spiritual attorney - a personification of your inner feelings and concerns.

Your angel is your spiritual attorney - a personification of your inner feelings and concerns.

At times, you may find yourself questioning the existence of your angel. Not to say that you’re debating whether they should exist or not. No, what you’re curiously reflecting on is what they are, how they came about, and why you need them. And the divine spirits understand this inquiry. They were solely focused on guiding you toward the right path that they never really explained their presence.


The thing that you do know is that they are the heralds of humanity. The divine bestowed upon every one of you a being that can support you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. In order to do so, they needed to sprout from these said systems. So not only are they your defender, they’re the embodiment of your emotions. Today, your angel will intimately talk about themselves and how they fight by your side as your spiritual attorney.


What is a spiritual attorney?


An attorney in life, first and foremost, is someone who represents you in a courtroom and speaks on your behalf. A spiritual attorney is much the same way, only in a conceptual sense. They know everything there is to know about you, by virtue of the Universe and the experiences they accumulate in spending time with you. They know the best version of yourself and, should you will it, guide you towards that path. They are the ultimate attorney.


There are two kinds of courtrooms in life: First, the physical space of man-made laws that conduct how society must behave. The other, a spiritual courtroom that governs all your thoughts and actions, to which your angel subsists. This is the place where you connect with the Universe and anything divine, where you welcome the spiritual energy.


It’s nearly similar to a therapy room in real life. With your spiritual attorney, you talk about everything that can’t normally be said out loud. There’s a solace to be felt when confiding with your angel. Because they represent everything within, you can’t help but think that they ARE you, so whenever you go to your spiritual courtroom for guidance, it’s as if you’re having a heart-to-heart talk with yourself. Who can know if that’s the case or not as the Universe works in mysterious ways.


However the case, it’s because of this spiritual attorney that you can discover new things about yourself! Your angel focuses on upholding the laws of the Universe rather than the laws of man, and because the divine energy in which they are comprised of is swirling with positive enlightenment, they can see your predicaments from another perspective, specifically from a wider, more transcendent perspective. 


Fighting for your case


We all have periods of darkness in our lives where we get filled with anxiety and darkness. As a spiritual attorney, your angel is more than capable of protecting you from decline, whether it’s you or someone else pulling you down. They have incredible deductive reasoning, being able to perceive a deeper insight into a person’s psychology. If, say, you suddenly lash out of anger at a friend, they’ll go through several possible reasons why it happened instead of condemning immediately. If you’re not someone controlled by anger, then the culprit was likely “stress”, or perhaps your accumulated frustration finally broke.


In this perspective, neither party was at fault. Your self-criticism will be constructive, and apologizing to your friend will be easier to do. The case was finished without letting negativity circle around. If you continue to heed this type of guidance, eventually you’ll be surrounded only by healthy habits and relationships.


Your spiritual attorney is sometimes the better version of yourself, but you shouldn’t take this as a statement of comparison. Instead, strive to be like your angel. Entrust yourself in their image and pray to be rid of temptations. Strive to be someone who despises self-loathing, who advocates people to change rather than condemn them, who seeks to motivate others and thus motivate oneself in the process. You’ll be essentially making their character the best to be and with it, you can remove any destructive element in life.


You can also offer up a prayer to your spiritual attorney to assist friends and families by talking to the other angels. Your loved ones may need some prodding to realize the Universe’s protection. Sadly, not everyone is connected to the divine because of life’s man-made courtroom, proliferated by negativities. Should they need help in reestablishing beliefs or a shoulder to cry on, they should know that there exists a divine being ready to offer them.


It’s not luck, it’s your guardian angel guiding the force of life


You shouldn’t assume that everyday moves in accordance to nothing, that life is but a random set of circumstances repeated over and over. Being enslaved by that thought will encourage a feeling of helplessness---you can’t possibly have control over such arbitrary forces, right? From the moment this hits, you start to lose your key to the courtroom, your connection with the Universe begins to be congested, and life will slowly lose its color.


If you rely on luck, nothing can provide you with strength. You won’t be motivated to work hard because you “let Lady Luck handle the results”. It’s not rational to be surprised if you don’t get that job or received a high grade seeing as you never exerted any effort, never carried a profitable burden. 


So you shouldn’t question the existence of your angel. Just a whisper will call them to your side because they exist to carry half your burdens, perhaps even all of it. Every second, they maneuver the laws of man as much as they can into creating an environment of growth so you can be immune against malevolent forces outside and within.


With your spiritual attorney, the journey of life becomes an expansion of your soul. Suffering becomes a vague notion of distrusting awareness because they use the courtroom to disentangle you from the lure of listlessness and provides the gavel so you can control every event in your life. Convey your gratitude for them by heeding their guidance and keeping a positive psyche. 


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