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Your cord blood does not disappear through the cutting of the umbilical, it transforms into spiritual guidance

Your cord blood does not disappear through the cutting of the umbilical, it transforms into spiritual guidance

Today’s angel will talk about appreciation towards your parents. This is about giving back all the love you’ve received growing up. Under their guidance, you’ve surely experienced a multitude of firsts; first happiness from a parent’s hug, first anger at a sibling fight, first tears from a scolding, your first familial love---everything began with your family.


They’re quite similar to the functions of cord blood, which are substances filled with essential life building. They construct significant components in your body, enhance physical growth, and provide protection from harmful elements. Without them, you wouldn’t even survive as a baby. Your angel wants you to realize the hard work and sacrifices of your parents in a similar fashion.


Parents as your spiritual cord blood


Looking back on the moment your umbilical cord was cut off, you might be worried that you lost the blessings and protection of your cord blood, both in the physical and spiritual sense. It’s likely a scarier thought that it happened outside of your consciousness and control---you were just a baby. To this, your angel bestows the positive truth: You weren’t ending a connection with your mother, you were starting one. Losing that biological connection caused the start of a transcendent one, with the Universe transforming that cord blood into spiritual strength, in the form of its blessings, the guidance of an angel, and your family.


Parents impart spiritual strength whenever they show love. Grasped within their arms, your parents lovingly decide on a name and imagine different colors that can be painted on your wings, even it’s not similar to their nest. Though memory might elude, your toddler self would sometimes look up from the crib and see two people cooing with your slightest noises. As a kid, you might have recollections of picnics in a park, trips to museums, fun science conventions, and many more. Teenage years and above, while involving a lot more difficulties, are included all the same.


Appreciation isn’t about debts, duties, and consent


Your angel is worried you might get taken along with the belief that such acts incite returns, of parents expecting ‘rewards’. Most people take in that appreciation should be limited to sacrifices and never obligations, but it shouldn’t be so. When you appreciate your parents, it shouldn't be in the sense of ‘feeling indebted’, but instead a matter of ‘feeling grateful’. For that matter, even obligations should be admired as it requires a length of dedication and spiritual strength to achieve. 


Indeed, food, water, and shelter are natural provisions given to a child and they don’t necessitate a reward. To a parent, the welfare of their child is enough, just as your angel is sufficiently satisfied when you open yourself to their guidance. However, if you imagine the time and effort offered to provide the provisions, the sense of it being narrowed as parental obligations might be a hard pill for you to swallow. 


Moreover, similar to how you can be ‘kind for the sake of being kind’, showing your appreciation should not be in the interests of doing a favor or returning a debt; it should be for lifting the spirits of others, for expressing recognition of someone's efforts. Parents commit sacrifices in respect to this, going beyond the so-called “obligatory necessities”. They may work additional hours to buy you that extra pair of shoes or that expensive piece of jewelry simply because it can make you happy. 


You’ll attain a peaceful sense of satisfaction when you give thanks to such loving acts. Spiritual cord blood is a matter of reciprocity, and the Universe wants people to be motivated through feelings of love and positivity. You can never run out of things to appreciate after all!


Appreciating your parents’ mistakes as well


Oftentimes you may find yourself at odds with your parents. For instance, a harsh reprimanding whenever you receive a low test mark. This routine is a proven method of lowering someone’s self-esteem. Reasoning aside, their approach sometimes makes it difficult to appreciate them. Your angel understands this as well and explains that, as parents have more life experience, they instinctively believe themselves to be the better person. 


But no one is perfect and no one knows everything. During such times, you can instead appreciate the lesson you can gain from their mistake instead of respecting the people themselves. Your angel realizes it’s not the most positive takeaway but they’re always on your side if your parents can’t.


Recognize every contribution of your parents and your appreciation through your growth


Because of the spiritual cord, you were born to grow alongside your parents for the first half of your life. From them, you learned various things that may be beneficial outside the nest. Through them, you discovered that positive outcomes can develop from a negative process. There’s value in everything they give and your angel’s advice is to utilize them to grow yourself into someone they can be proud of. This is the best show of appreciation: the fact that their lessons meant something.


As much as money, food, and trips abroad are great indicators of a good character and life, it may be best to disseminate the spiritual strength you’ve received instead. Insightful words are as simple as they come. Heartfelt communication can never be underestimated! You can use their raising methods as your own when you start your own family.


In addition, don’t forget to show gratitude to the Universe as well. They planted the seeds of your spiritual strength within your parents. In the process, you were able to acquire feelings of love and appreciation, and people you can consider your first ‘home’. That ‘home’ took care of you until you can afford to be independent, and it’s a safe place to return to whenever you lack spiritual guidance. In living your life full of appreciation, you’ve caused a ripple of positivity for other people to thrive on.


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