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Your friends will be there for you through every crisis, ready to help that huge burden off your shoulder

Your friends will be there for you through every crisis, ready to help that huge burden off your shoulder

Today’s angel will touch upon how friends can be the perfect crisis insurance. Friends are people who stay with each other through thick and thin. They’re a good source of rapport whenever you lack confidence or simply having a bad day. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, everyone has the ability to make friends, the Universe made sure of it! After all, this type of companionship spreads positive energy all around. 


Your ‘friend’ isn’t just limited to physical ones too, your angel is included in the group! So not only do you have physical and mental insurance, you have an abundance of spiritual support as well. The Universe is always ready to provide you with any type of pillar to lean on, you just need to ask.


Friendships are good mental investments to have


We don’t mean this in a “user” kind of way, of course. It’s a two-way street of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” but in a wholesome kind of way. Your friends are likely investing in you as well. But it can’t be completely denied that friends are valued because of the support they entail. There’s a reason why the notion of  “man is not an island” is a pervading axiom in society. 


The Universe didn’t want anyone to be completely self-sufficient. Even with technology advancing to the point of remote communications, people still desire direct contact and support. At the very least, biological research suggests that humans may go insane without social interaction, let alone the topic of friends. On the other hand, just knowing that someone out there is your spiritual insurance can be a huge boost to your stability---this is the main takeaway here, where someone can catch you in the event the self can no longer prop on its own. This is your scenario whenever you ask your angel for advice, yes?


Aside from this, there are surprisingly psychobiological aspects involved. First is how friendships give a sense of belongingness in the Universe; to feel as if you’re part of a category. It’s a human need to depend on someone’s proximity to feel good. This is why the relationship begins over a common interest or a goal and develops as it accumulates experiences. It’s almost spiritual in how being able to relate to anything and anyone provides a sense of harmony with the Universe, more so when you enjoy the process.


The second reason is how it can fight the illusion of solitude; to feel as if the Universe didn’t just take one picture, it made a collage. Everyone lives in one world, experiences the same (though in different contexts) kind of life problems. This shatters the image that you’re the only one going through a difficult time. And since everyone knows the feeling of a crisis, they know better than to leave you alone to handle it. No one likes to be lonely.


Friendships as mental crisis insurance


Much like how insurance pops up post-catastrophe, friends can act as your pillar of support after an issue. Because you all have similar experiences, you can immediately believe in their strength and loyalty. Meanwhile, the trust in your angel stems from how they pass on spiritual strength without fail.


The first that will come to mind when in the middle of a crisis will likely be your friends. Even Aristotle thought so: “And in poverty and in other misfortunes men think friends are the only refuge”. Friends can provide both practical solutions and a mental boost during problems ranging from the simplest “I’m feeling lonely” to deep psychological hardships. The relationship might even seem much nobler than any other kind. Imagine a person doing their utmost for another simply because of the title ‘friends’. 


Familial kindness is more or less to be expected because of blood relations, but friendships stay strong even without it. People just naturally attract each other when they have mutual feelings, notably platonic in this case, and wish to physically demonstrate their compassion. The Universe might even regard it as something divine, considering the depth of your shared perspectives and the length to which friends would willingly go to for the sake of the other’s well-being. 


It’s normal to hear from them several times a day if, shall we say, you’re going through the death of a loved one (god forbid). They might propose to buy your food, cook dinner, babysit your pet, bless you with good luck, or even just lend their presence for they know just how exhausting grief can be. They can even be active during your middle-of-the-week burnouts. It goes to show how their help is not in matters of small or big problems.


Learn to rely on them while offering mutuality 


Reliance is also a form of recovery, hence why your friends are so determined to offer it. Your angel, in particular, might notice your self-destructive patterns of doing things alone and immediately offer consolation or insight. In fear of causing them trouble, you might hesitate to ask for their help, but it’s best to acknowledge the fact that you are not alone. That by itself endows gratitude to their presence since they know they can be relied upon.


Conversely, it’s only sensible to reciprocate their being your mental crisis insurance. You need to show that you’re valuable during their issues as well, how you’ll react when all the fun activities are stripped away for the moment. Though in the case of your angel, your happiness should be enough. Friendships can last forever if you want, both parties simply ought to take care of it. In exchange for being an easily built relationship, you have to show dedication in keeping the chemistry. Add that to listening to the Universe’s guidance, spiritual connections can never be broken, physical distance notwithstanding. Remember, though happiness and fulfillment can be achieved alone, both are so much better when shared with friends.


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