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Your Health Is The Real Wealth, Not Any Material Thing You Will Ever Gather.

Your Health Is The Real Wealth, Not Any Material Thing You Will Ever Gather.

You think it is normal to be healthy and not have any physical issues until one day life brutally reminds you how fast things can change and how fast someone can be taken away from you. You tend to be more careful and not dismiss any symptoms in the future, after you have been in a situation where you thought maybe it’s not that bad, only for it to have been a threat to your health. Your angel understands the need of being healthy, emotionally, mentally, and physically, because the human body connects and the well-being of each area is equally important.

Today’s message from your angel is about urgent care-which are centers that offer services that prevent deterioration of health following the onset of a foreseen condition. Why are they important you ask? Urgent care services have made access to medical facilities easier and have come in handy, way faster than setting appointments with your doctor. Your angel will guide you through urgent care, where you will see the life lessons you can learn from these services that will help you align your life better.

Convenience Is Important.

For you to go to an urgent care facility, convenience is the main drive. You want to locate a center that is visible and close to you. You want it to be easy to get to, and easy to park. Some urgent care facilities fail because they are not easy to access and people find it to be stressful to go there, so they don’t. Centers must have long open hours, including weekends, nights, and holidays. This feeds the convenience everyone is looking for and the need that can’t be met by other medical offices. Urgent care centers know the need of having technology in place so that patients can access care online on their timeframe, make appointments and also patients will not have to be referred elsewhere for minor conditions.

In an era where everything is fast-moving, you need convenience to ease things for you. You might be a business owner who has good goals and a great plan but considering the competitiveness that is there, with a lot of similar businesses springing up everywhere, you need to make your business as convenient as possible to your target clients. By making sure it is accessible and also having reasonable prices. Most people always have something else to do and the patience to just wait is highly decreasing.

Your angel would want you to work on being more patient and slowing down in life, be able to experience events and it is okay to not have anything on your to-do list. As you choose things that are convenient to you, let them be things that radically transform your world for the better.

Learn To Put Yourself In Other People’s Shoes Before Making Conclusions.

When working in an urgent care center, you have to remind yourself every time not to judge people or make assumptions. Because you mostly deal with walk-ins, you will often have patients from all walks of life, with different medical conditions and cultural backgrounds. You can never see anxiety, pain, or any post-traumatic events. It becomes normal, in most, if not all, medical facilities for the staff to judge patients. Patients get labeled as medication seekers or get labeled as wanting a place to sleep when they are homeless. Although some of the assumptions could be true, it is not your place to make assumptions and judge.

Similarly, in life, you cannot judge people and do things while disregarding their emotions. This builds resentment and feelings of being misunderstood. You might have a friend, who did not come through for you in a major life event you had, you could be disappointed and quickly disregard her claiming she is not a true friend. The same person might be going through a tough time in her life, maybe they just lost their job or they are facing other life challenges. What would you rather someone did to you at that time, if it were you? You probably need to understand that life does not revolve around you and there are other people who you care about that have their own lives going, they have stressful situations too, and cannot come through for you as often as you would like. People want to feel appreciated and understood just as you do.

Your angel understands the true value of friendship, and such instances are not a measure if someone is true to you or not. Learn to let go, forgive and extend grace just as you would want to be done to you.

Communication Can Build Or Kill A Relationship.

Urgent care centers need records from your regular doctor to check your medical history to know how to handle your case. Urgent care asks you questions about your health and each time you will most likely get a different doctor and you have to repeat your medical history which makes it difficult for a patient who needs a regular check-up. Healthcare professionals communicate primarily for sharing the patients’ information. It’s up to you to direct each other in different departments about what’s going on. Considering, having a communication lapse can negatively affect the health of the patient especially after a trauma case, hospitals must ensure teamwork, fast response, and good communication skills. No one knows what you are thinking unless you speak it up.

This can be reflected in all areas of your life. How you pass information can affect your relationships. You could be a married couple that does not communicate about things, slowly the relationship starts becoming shallow and you try to find someone else you can talk to. Everyone wants to feel heard. Create time to talk to your partner and people about things that you would want them to know about. This is a sure way of building relationships. Do not let your ego limit you from fully engaging a person when you need to tell them how you feel. Allow yourself to be able to self-express. Your thoughts and opinions matter and the people around you would want to know them.

Your angel wants you to be genuinely concerned to understand people, this will go a long way to build your relationships.



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