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Your Life Is Not About Avoiding The Bruises You Get, It Is About Embracing Your Scars To Let The World Know You Showed Up For It And Faced It.

Your Life Is Not About Avoiding The Bruises You Get, It Is About Embracing Your Scars To Let The World Know You Showed Up For It And Faced It.

Having an issue with your health that has taken a toll on your body makes you have a deeper perspective into your life and you start seeing its fragility. Knowing you cannot do anything for yourself when you are ailing other than taking medication and hope for better days ahead can be very frustrating. Your angel knows the many questions that run in your head at these moments and would want you to know you are not alone, even when you feel like you are.

Today’s message from your angel is about medical needs. These are the medical necessities that have to be there to help treat conditions people have, that cannot be ignored. Some people are completely dependent on medication, while others live in communities that are affected by different issues and have medical needs that arise. Looking deeply into the medical needs that people have, here are some life lessons you can learn.

Allow Other People To Help You.

When you have a medical need, you often feel like you are bothering other people when you are asking for help. You feel like it is your responsibility to show you can support yourself and manage the medical condition you have. The truth is when you have an ongoing medical condition; you require support to manage the condition better. You will find you have people around you who want to be there for you and help you take care of yourself. Let your friends and loved ones know how you need to be supported. Have someone to talk to. You may join support groups with your loved ones so that they can know more about your condition. You can also offer to volunteer, for example, if you have cancer you can offer to help others who are in a similar situation, this can be a good way to meet others with the same illness. It is okay to be helped; it does not mean you are not incapable of anything.

Similarly to life, how many times do you struggle to do things by yourself because you do not want others to think any less of you? You could be going through serious financial issues, and you have almost auctioned off your property but because of pride, you choose to suffer silently, while you might have had the support that could keep you from getting that far. Your angel understands the need of being self-independent, but even so, there is only a limit you can push. You have people around you for a reason; learn to ask for help when in need.

A Problem Shared, Becomes A Lighter Burden.

Some people, who have serious medical needs, shy away from speaking about them because they do not want judgment and pity from other people. For example, if you have epilepsy, you might fear people will think you are fragile but it is important people know just in case you ever get a seizure. People will react differently when you tell them, but most often you will get help and support. Some people may be familiar with what is going on with you because they know someone else with the same illness. If it is in your workplace, you may be allowed to take breaks for self-care when you feel ill or have less energy because now people understand what is going on. An example is if you have diabetes, they should know what to do in case of low blood sugar levels. Sharing what is happening to you sometimes is for your benefit.

In life, being private has been highly prioritized, that people do not talk about what they go through anymore. Others might judge you for it, and think you are attention-seeking, but at the end of the day, the things people say have little to no impact compared to what you are dealing with. An example is when you are married to someone who physically assaults you, and you always have to apply makeup to conceal the bruises, considering the high rates of domestic violence that can lead to death, do you think it is wise to keep such a thing to yourself? Learn to share and let people be involved. Your angel wants you to know that the people who have come out from very traumatic experiences have often been pulled out by other people.

You Should Maintain Your Mental And Physical Health.

Having a medical need can take a toll on your mind and your health can easily start deteriorating when you do not accept what is happening to you. Sometimes you can have a lot of expectations on government medical facilities or private hospitals to give you the help that you need without any success. Some facilities have little or no infrastructure or funds to conduct further research on your condition. Do not let this make you lose hope. Allow yourself to try harder. That is your body which you live in so it is up to you to maintain your mental and physical health. People may help you but they will not do it for you. It is up to you to take responsibility regarding managing the impact of your health issues. Accept to take medication, seek advice, prepare for appointments, ask questions and attend therapy. It is your body, so learn to take responsibility. Be in charge of yourself.

In life, it is very easy to blame everyone else for the things that happen to you. You can have a list of the things people did to you, and claim that why you turned out like this. People can listen to you only long enough, and then what? If you are not doing well, emotionally, financially, or even mentally, seek help, work, and decide to grow past your adversity. Your angel understands that it takes a lot of strength and willpower, but if you want to heal and recover badly enough, you will stop projecting and blaming everyone else. Ask yourself, what can I do about it, now that I am here? If you faced it, it is because you can overcome it. Do not belittle your capabilities.







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