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Your Mind Is The Only Truly Free Place For You Since Nobody Can Hear Your Thoughts; Quit Keeping It In A Cage And Set It Free.

Your Mind Is The Only Truly Free Place For You Since Nobody Can Hear Your Thoughts; Quit Keeping It In A Cage And Set It Free.

So often people are the ones who hold themselves captive from experiencing the good things life has to offer. Your thoughts and the beliefs you have made yourself believe will be reflected by your actions and it will be sealed by the kind of person you become. It is very sad that the greatest prison of all time could be your mind. The fact that some never leave the prison because they do not even know if they are in it in the first place is sadder. A lot of people talk about freedom, yet they have never truly had it. Are there areas in your life where you know you are the one who hinders growth?

Your angel knows the need you might have to be guarded, the experiences that have shaped your mind to think like that, and the things you have heard over time that have imprinted themselves in your mind. What if there is a chance to experience true freedom, from within first then bring it to the outside?

Being in prison for something that maybe you did not do can be frustrating. Everyone wants to spend time with loved ones and go about their business. It is at this time that you understand the importance and value of freedom and you find a way to pay up the price that is set.  Bail bonds can better reflect the necessity of not confining yourself. Your angel will guide you through some of the lessons you can learn.

Accountability Is The Key To Move Forward.

When you apply for bail, you are supposed to read the conditions of the bond to know the regulations and laws you need to adhere to. Failing to do so puts a defendant in a tough position. When you visit the court, you are given dates to appear for a hearing and you cannot violate any law before the final decision of the judge. When you are out on bond, you cannot violate the rules because the court will order your arrest and it can create serious repercussions on the final verdict. In this situation, you have to be responsible for the things you do and when you mess up you have to be accountable. The whole turn of events depends wholly on how you behave. 

Accountability is something a lot of people avoid. For example, you could be married to someone, and along the road, you get into an affair. In the event you get caught, you start blaming your spouse, to be the reason you did it. You could say he didn’t give you attention or you never felt wanted, all that could be true, but what did you do after that? Being accountable opens room for healing, for seeing where things went wrong, and giving things a chance to revive again if there is a problem.

Your angel reminds you that you cannot be trusted if you keep saying that you are not accountable to anybody because that just shows you can do just about anything and not feel a need to own up when you are wrong. Make yourself accountable for the choices you make.

The Good Things In Life Are Earned.

Whenever you are being reckless and not being afraid to get on the wrong side of the law, you should remember that bail is never going to be free. It will always cost you money, much more than you were willing to give at some point. There will always be serious repercussions for handling things poorly. It is easy to take things for granted and get in a lot of trouble in return. Bail bonds are not free, regardless of the myth that goes around it, there is some percentage of money that will always go to the bondsman. Getting the money can involve giving title deeds and other valuables, so know how to pick your struggles before it goes that far.

Similarly, in life, it is easy to feel entitled and expect things to be free. Every good thing that you see, and you say to yourself, “I would want something similar to that!” Just know that by the time it is physically noticed, there were a lot of sacrifices that were done, discipline, and finding a reason to continue. That marriage that you see thriving over thirty years down the line, and you can’t help but wonder why so many are not working and end up in divorces. You might think they are perfect people until you listen to their story and you realize they had so many hurdles. It is only patience, having reasonable expectations, and being ready to pay the price.

Your angel insists on the need of working hard, of learning to take time and grow things. Stop running, prune, cultivate, and water. You do not have to restart every time. Good things will never be easy to achieve.

Sometimes, You Just Need To Let Go.

Most people think they will get their money back when they apply for bail. The truth is, you might not get it back. When you hire a bondsman, you are likely paying for their services and not the bail charges placed on you. Most of the money you give goes to court processes which include court costs, defender fees, and fines. So no matter how much money you give, sometimes you just have to count your losses and move on. 

In life, you should learn to not hold on to things for too long when they start being unnecessary. Imagine playing tug of war, where you are just pulling, with the desire to win, despite it being a game until your hands start getting wounded. Does that make sense? You have to attach to things and people only to healthy standards.

Your angel reminds you of the need to be free, having hope for the things to come, and not trying to figure out everything. This is life, let it unfold itself, each season has something new to offer.


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