Your Angel Message For Today

Your spirituality is the reason why you have the power to see every opportunity, every hardship as a way to enlightenment.

Your spirituality is the reason why you have the power to see every opportunity, every hardship as a way to enlightenment.

What exactly is Spirituality? You hear that word thrown all around as something that transforms you into a higher, more enlightened self, as something that connects you to enlightenment. In relation to the Universe, spirituality is the horse to its cart. You gain insight into the celestial realm of the Universe by obtaining it, by evolving into a higher self, as it were.


Well, your angel likes to put it in a much more straightforward fashion: it’s your spiritual lawyer. It’s something that exists within every person, offering strength and control---a divine set of credences that directly confront suffering and other painful forces in life. Well today, your angel would like to apprise you more about this soulful power and its connection with self-value and your surroundings. Your beliefs, after all, play a large part in condition and interaction. Once its emissary, your angel, helps improve on that area, the other facets of your being improve as well. 


Spiritual Lawyer: The Case of Self-Values


Spirituality corresponds to being a “spiritual lawyer” because it represents the enlightened philosophy of a person---an otherwordly version of your beliefs---and fights for it by way of maintaining that philosophy. Quite like the legal profession of “lawyer”, yes? They symbolize a client’s argument and propose it as reality. “But why does a spiritual lawyer fight for a person’s belief?”, you may ask


In our court of life, we all want to be the best lawyer we can be. We want to be in complete control of ourselves, physically and spiritually; to douse the flames of suffering as quickly as they appeared, to light our path in happiness along with every road around us. This is the eternal case for everybody---a matter of worth and happiness. But these are difficult tasks. If you have a spiritual lawyer on one side, then there will certainly be an enemy lawyer on the other. If your adversary can drag you into despair, into extinguishing your spiritual strength, the darkness will prevail.


The point of your spiritual lawyer is to stand against anything that pulls you away from the divine. It symbolizes your philosophies in life with the intention of remaining irreplaceable. The strength of your spirituality is directly proportional to your self-value. The higher your self-respect is, the higher the chance of reaching enlightenment. This is the reason why your angel advocates for it. Reaching enlightenment means arriving at the purest form of contentment. 


Your soul will inherently be at peace, capable of looking at everything in a positive way. You don’t have a passion yet? Every door is open to you then. A blank slate means anything can be written. Did you lose your chance at that job offer? Another opportunity will present itself after some time. Life shouldn’t be done in a hurry, and you’ll be content regardless of the outcome: success is measured by yourself in any case. Such will be your thoughts if you have spirituality. The beautiful perspective almost offers itself to you; you don’t believe that happiness is negotiable.


Spirituality and Love for Others


Outside of personal battles, spirituality also covers your surroundings. The physical world is an extension of your internal one---how you treat yourself will say a lot about how you treat others. Your angel especially emphasizes the “self-before-others” thinking. Once you’ve learned how to care for yourself, it’ll be far easier to balance love for everyone. 


Besides this, spirituality creates a deeper meaning in being able to relate to others: Their kindness reinforces your self-love. A genuine friendship invites authenticity within. It’s also generally revitalizing to be around others because of similar interests. In the case of finding someone who wants to halt your spiritual growth, the mere presence of your lawyer will make their words ineffective so remember to pray for them anytime.


Awaken yourself to your spiritual lawyer and let the haze vanish from your soul


If you want to know how to strive for spirituality, you simply have to ask your angel for guidance. They have it themselves after all. 


The spiritual endeavor, your angel explains, isn’t necessarily religious by nature. It’s more in the form of healing and maintenance by identifying true, everlasting happiness. Anything material is blown away immediately as they have an expiration date. And so you turn within, to emotions and principles, to objects that can not only last beyond your lifetime but can go above the physical world. Instead of feeding food to your stomach, you will crave to feed your mind. As they say, “A contented mind is a perpetual feast”.


What is your true self? What supports your identity, induces your anger, sadness, and pain? How do you value yourself and why? This stage occupies an abundance of personal analyses but all of which will fall under a concept of love or caring. In a practical setting, it will go like so: now that you know your strengths and limits, you’ll perhaps try to schedule some off days for mental needs, let go of toxic relationships, devote time to learn a new hobby, etc. 


Apart from this, expectations towards yourself should expand as well. You want to feel competent, and if your idea of competence hinges on being effective and efficient, in your character having integrity and honesty, you will invest your efforts in them, essentially feeding your spirit with altruistic qualities. As a result, as your angel has stated earlier, your positive self-value will steadily increase.


Remember that the first sign of spirituality normally begins when you question your role and effects in the physical world, then realizing of a wider realm that can comprehend everything much more deeply. The awakening combines the mind to your soul. Yes, “combines”. Take heed that spirituality is not a sock puppet to your spirit, it’s a transformative filter for your beliefs. It is the inspiration to do better, to be better, for others and yourself, with the key of being able to determine temporary contentment.


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