Astrology can tell a lot about relationships; eager to know, here is a guide for you

By astrology valley Aug 30 2021

In respect of a relationship: 

Brownstone points out that there lies universal connectivity in between persons with complementary elements in the sun sign (for example, water, earth; water, water; fire, air; fire, fire, etc.). Nonetheless, the moon sign, ascendant, and lunar agreement must also be analyzed. 

Sun Sign: 

Depending on your date of birth, people often interact with persons of this sign, while reading the Horoscope. If we take an example, "If you are in Aries, it means that the sun passes through Aries when you are born." According to Brownstone, the zodiac sign is classified according to how he feels himself and who he is. And loves to express themselves when relaxing. 

In respect of a relationship 

The bond between the zodiac signs of two persons is a pointer of real affection between them too. Brownstone clarified that, in general, “zodiac signs with the same elements are compatible. For example, both Aries and Sagittarius bring related power [fire]: passion, ambition, and activity. Nevertheless, occasionally it leads to attractive things being a little unusual from you. For example, you can have Scorpio and Leo as partners, and you have a ton of excitement because the distinction in the zodiac sign it is very impressive, "added Brownstone when he was talking about dating and compatibility. At times tension between partners regarding work or personal life can lead to a higher level of emotional stress. Especially for people who are young or in their 20s, they thrive on this type of situation or basically who are new to the relationships. " 

Moon Sign:  

It is inferred by the standpoint of the moon when you were transported to this world. This sign regulates your spontaneous core desires. It represents the zodiac sign’s mother, his family, and his family atmosphere. 

In respect of a relationship:  

The connection between the moon signs of people is an advantage. Let's take an example if someone's moon sign is in Pisces [water], then Scorpio [also same element water] can meet their needs. Brownstone mentioned that when it appears to a better loyal relationship, this becomes particularly important: "If you look at a person, even if he is younger and wishes to stay with someone and nestle, you must make sure they are compatible with your moon. Zodiac says, the moon is your impulse, how it satisfies your needs as it will make you feel comfortable mentally. If you are gaping for a long-term strong connection, then the moon is important for both partners. 

Rising Sign  

It is deduced by the zodiac sign that rising or "ascended" on the east side frontier when you came into this world. This zodiac can be classified and implied as the common initial notion gives to people, or "the primary thing folk notice when they watch you". According to Brownstone, this is "your mask" and "how you will convey yourself to others in the upcoming situations." 

In respects to a relationship: 

The emerging signs of people assume the initial attractiveness, this becomes one of the spaces where connectivity in between different elements is not that needed. In fact, as Brownstone pointed out, "tension" may be an advantage. We all know that the opposite gender attracts each other. Therefore, people who have ascended to Capricorn may be fascinated by Aries. Brownstone added that the rising sign is also in front of the marriage room. 

Lunar Nodes: 

The nodes are not "symbols", but astronomical mathematical "points" where the moon's orbit strikes the path of the sun in the "celestial sphere". It is deduced by the actual position of the sun and moon when you took birth, these intersections work on one axis. A south node exists, which, according to Brownstone, "indicates the perception and manners you have accumulated from your home and all that you have completed". Of course, there is also a north node, which "represents where it goes, where it should go, completion, achievement, and accomplishment". These two nodes are always relative because they are on the same axis.  

In respect of a relationship: 

The node must be "joined together". If your nodes overlap, there are chances your paths will most likely cross. Brownstone explained, being an astrologer, one particular thing he was looking for is the moon node." The northern side node "shows what you want to achieve in this life span." On the other hand the South Node represents the "previous life connection." The point of contact of the node determines that "there is some karma to resolve with that particular person in this life" (destiny thinking).  


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