Cancer Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Sep 27 2021

About Cancer  

The fourth zodiac sign, Cancer is represented by the symbol Crab. Being a water sign an individual who has Cancer as its zodiac is one of the most emotional individuals. Cancers are extremely difficult to understand and suffer from drastic mood swings. They frequently display traits of being too stony and hard. They can be seen to look extremely cold and might refrain from opening up to anyone. But underneath the hard outer shell Cancers can be very sensitive. They are highly empathetic and are always loving and understanding towards others. However, being crab, they are very stubborn and become very possessive when they are in a relationship. You need to be very understanding towards them and trust them as their intentions are always to provide the best for their beloved.   

If you are looking for having small conversations with Cancer it might be a failed attempt. It might even take you a lifelong to understand a Cancer, but once they trust you, be assured that you will be gaining a friend of a lifetime. Cancers are very cautious about their surroundings.  

Being highly intuitive and they have a loving disposition that makes them one of the most devoted partners. Cancers tend to be hyper-sensitive and overly emotional. They are extremely fond of their family members and towards their beloved which sometimes can also become unhealthy. They hold their friendships in a very high position and goes to a great extent to make the other feel comfortable and secured. They will defend their loved ones at any cost and are prepared to pay any price for their devotion.  

Cancers judge a situation based on their instincts. Their strong emotional sentiments and intuitions provoke them to make decisions based on emotions and instincts rather than having an analytical or pragmatic approach.  

Positive Traits and Characteristics of Cancer  

Cancers are well known for their loyalty. Each of us craves a loyal and loving friend. You can put your blind trust in a Cancer and count their support and devotion towards you under any circumstances. Their loyalty and undying support will make you believe in yourself. Cancers can to any extent to make their loved ones feel secured and protected. Cancers are highly devoted and will always be ready to give their loving hand.  

Cancers can be sometimes too protective. Their affection towards the other person can be overwhelming and heartwarming as they want to ensure their loved ones are safe and are not in any kind of trouble. Being highly intuitive in nature Cancers tend to give the best advice. They might not be rational, however, being physic they tend to understand others better than anyone else.  

Cancers are very loving, caring, and nurturing. They want to provide the best for their loved ones. Their sensitive nature makes them overly emotional towards others and also makes them very generous. They can easily win the heart of anyone with their charm. They are insightful and can easily be the center of attraction if they are in a pleasant mood.  

Negative Traits and Characteristics of Cancer  

Cancers are hypersensitive and therefore, they can sometimes take certain things or statements very offensively. It doesn’t take much effort to hurt their sentiments and make them cry. Their sensitive personalities make them very vulnerable sometimes and they will never forget the offenses.  

Cancers are known for their extreme mood swings. Being emotional they are unable to have control over their mood properly. Cancers tend to feel several emotions and sentiments which others may find difficult to comprehend. This makes them puzzled and as a result of which they can change their mood to extreme ends within a matter of few seconds.  

Be very cautious of Cancer. They will give you several opportunities to rectify your mistake. But if once you are in their bad books, they become implacable creatures who can go to any extent to take their revenge. They will do their best to make you suffer for your actions and pave their way to take revenge. They will not think twice before hurting someone if they are determined.  

Cancers tend to become really insecure owing to the immense emotions they feel. The overwhelming sentiments make them insecure about certain situations or circumstances. They often feel anxious and are nervous in expressing their emotions. Their vulnerabilities get reflected owing to their sense of instability when it comes to family situations. They tend to becomes very pessimistic in nature and have vivid imaginations. This makes them overthink and overanalyze situations in their head.  


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