Everything You Need To Know About a Cancer Woman: Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Nov 30 2021

The fourth zodiac in line and the cardinal water sign, Cancer is represented by a crab. It emphasizes the ability of a Cancerian native of surviving and thriving in the realms of emotions, as well as materialism. Born between June 21 and July 22, the native women of this sign are intuitive, emotional, and mysterious. So, to understand their personality and them, you must know the following sides of their persona. 

Cancer Woman Good Traits 

Their sign is ruled by the Moon and it enables their caring, nurturing, and domestic side. A Cancer woman tends to shower their maternal instinct and care. They love to create a safe and comfortable space around their fellow beings, and love to spend time with their loved ones. 

They also have a knack for careers that help them to embrace their gentle side. You will never meet a Cancerian who is rude to others. They have an elegance even when they try to negate your views. They take refuge inside their crab-like shield and do not let the exterior troubles get to their psyche. This ability helps them to have a safe and sound mindset for every prospect that comes their way. 

They are compassionate and kind. A true Cancerian woman is loyal to her friends and sincere towards her partner. They attract a lot of lovers in their lifetime, and the biggest reason for that is their kind nature. 

Cancer Woman Bad Traits 

Not bad in the true sense, but it is hard to understand and be close to a Cancerian woman. They seldom keep their guards high and are impenetrable at times. They do not let anyone manipulate them, but sometimes their emotions blind them. 

They have a caregiving nature, but this blurs the fine line between caring and controlling. They are mysterious in their ways but cannot tolerate any secrecy in their relations. They like the company of people and are great hosts. But they can be unpredictable, and that unleashes their overtly moody side. Their mood can shift within seconds and thus makes them extremely sentimental at times. 

They are indeed the best empaths, but their need to seek validation for almost everything can be a bit exhausting for others. They can be extremely irrational as well. It is because of their sentimental touch to everything. It makes them clingy and unbearable. They seek depth and can be excessively angry if they are denied their desired attention. 

Cancer Woman in Love & Sex 

Cancerian women are gentle lovers and impassioned partners. They are sensuous, but they value emotion over a sexual connection. They need to be emotionally inclined to be comfortable. They unravel their passionate and personal side only when they are mentally intimate with their lover. 

They are loyal and expect the same, as a result, they take time to test their partner before letting their guards loose. They weave fantasies and seek pleasure in them. One has to match their fantasy quotient to penetrate their soul and enjoy their seductive glances and pleasure.  

Dating a Cancer Woman 

A Cancerian woman is no doubt warm and kind. She has her ways of handling a relationship. But if you are someone planning to build a future with a Cancer native or have plans of asking them out, then there are a few more things that you need to keep in mind. A Cancerian tolerates no nonsensical or insensitive remarks. So, you must hold your tongue and think before spitting the words out. Wrong words will make them more self-aware and distant from opening up to you.  

Cancer women seek intimacy in their relationships. They want a comfortable atmosphere and at home, feeling to be their true selves. So, while dating, they will prefer intimate setups of quiet coffee shops over anything. They do not enjoy crowded and posh places where they have to pretend. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket and shower fortune to impress them. They want the company of yours, and that is all. 

They are a bit shy, and hence they refrain from making the first move. They do not initiate physical contact while dating and prefer to be asked out romantically. 


When a Cancer woman is in question, one can be sure that they wish no harm to the people around them. However, one must not wrong them, as they can be tough to deal with despite being empathetic beings. 


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