Everything You Need To Know About a Capricorn Woman: Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Nov 30 2021

According to Astrology, if your birth date comes between 22nd December- 19th January, you are a Capricorn. The symbol representing Capricorn is the Sea-Goat that symbolizes productivity, imagination, success, creativity, and plans. Being an Earth Sign, a Capricorn woman is very practical and grounded. A Capricorn Woman can be called more of a hard worker instead of a big dreamer. She is a cardinal sign so she feels the happiest when she is in charge and running the show. She can be called a born leader; always with a plan.  

Let’s tell you more about a Capricorn woman’s good and bad traits, love and sex compatibility, etc. below.  

Capricorn Woman Good Traits 

Capricorn woman is known to have a commendable amount of discipline. She is very hard-working, smart, and a determined individual. She is also self-sufficient. She knows how to handle herself. She doesn’t need anybody else to look after her, save her, and pamper her.  

While a Capricorn woman might not be the most romantic person you will meet but she is very generous and loyal. She is very supportive and always wants to help those in need. Her way of showing her affection and care is by giving gifts or by acts of service. You will notice that she has a solid sense of humor and is very interested in inside jokes and always wants a partner or a friend who matches her energy.  

Capricorn Woman Bad Traits 

Since Saturn, the planet of restrictions rules the Capricorn sign, a Capricorn woman can come across as a bit emotional, distant, and sometimes overly analytical. She holds her coworkers, friends, and family to extremely high standards. She is stubborn and unforgiving towards those people who have wronged her. However, she has set those standards for herself too. She can be called her biggest critic. She is never satisfied with herself.  

She is a very hard-working woman which is excellent but sometimes she becomes a little condescending. She knows-it-all! She can also be called the type of person who puts her career before her friends, family, and relationship. She can look compassionate and cold at first when you first meet her. She has set high-walls for her that’s why. She doesn’t easily share her emotions easily; you would need to spend years with her to completely know her.  

Capricorn Woman in Love & Sex 

When the matter is about love, a Capricorn woman can be romantic but she will be hesitant at first. She is very organized and traditional so she wants her romantic ventures to be the same. She is not the go-with-the-flow type of person or spontaneous. She wants to take things slowly in love. She wants to feel safe in a relationship so it takes time for her to bring down the giant wall around her. She spends a lot of time finding the potential partner and puts a lot of thought before finally coming into the relationship.  

When it is about intimacy, she loves sex. She is always ready to try new things in bed. When she really trusts someone that person will get to see her hidden passion and sensuality. She doesn’t like to be with someone who is foolish or dishonest. You will not have to seduce her- she is always ready. 

Dating a Capricorn Woman 

A Capricorn woman sets high standards for herself so that means she has set high standards for her partner too. She will date someone who will match her personality: someone who is reserved in life but is willing to work harder. She is the type of person who will give expensive gifts or take her partner on fancy dates simply because she has worked hard for doing these and wants to feel proud. She will be very loyal and dedicated to her partner and the relationship.  


A Capricorn woman can be called self-reliant, independent, and practical. She loves to do useful things around the house and you will always find her doing several DIY things at a time. Since she is very hardworking, she would usually spend her free time trying to improve herself. You will find her reading a lot of books so that she can gather knowledge about as many subjects as she can. She is willing to know everything about the world and always feels like she hasn’t done enough research. She likes to have control over things that is why she often comes across as a leader.