Everything You Need To Know About a Pisces Man: Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Nov 03 2021

Individuals that are born on the dates between the 12th of February and the 20th of March are known as Pisces and they are ruled by the planet Neptune. They belong to the Water element &are the dreamers of the zodiac. They are flirtatious and charming, extremely romantic, and are known to be emotional as well.

Belonging to the Water element, they are the introverts of the zodiac and are known to be adaptable and have different emotions and moods. They are dreamers and are known to be extremely affectionate and they are not apologetic for who they are. In short, the Pisces men are known to be sweet-natured and calm, and they are always in tune with your emotions. 

He can also be known as an empath as these men are always picking up on the emotions others feel and experience them just as strongly. Being ruled by the planet Neptune which represents dreams, illusions, and deep emotional connections, it is no surprise why they are the way they are.

Pisces Man Good Traits

The good traits of a Pisces man are that they are known to be extremely caring and supportive by nature. These men are very creative and channel their feelings into art. While they love being around people, they treasure their privacy and are known to express their feelings through art. The Pisces men are extremely generous and often overlook their needs while they care for others. They are more than willing t sacrifice their happiness and their comforts for someone else’s happiness and comfort. They are too sweet-natured for their good and people often tend to take advantage of this.

Pisces Man Bad Traits

The bad traits of the Pisces men are that they always think with their emotions rather than using their brains. They are extremely moody and always wear their heart on their sleeves which is why they are often heartbroken and take a lot of time to recover from that pain. The Pisces men are also known to hold grudges for the longest period of time and they tend to see only the best in people which makes them victim to manipulation. They are completely blind to red flags and are known to be very gullible.

Pisces Man in Love & Sex

The Pisces man is known to be a caring partner and will do anything for their partners. They find it extremely hard to accept help or care from their partners and tend to handle their problems by themselves. They would hate to trouble anyone with their troubles and would never be the cause of any form of frustration. They hate causing stress to the people they care for and they are hardcore romantics. 

The Pisces men fall in love hard and will do anything to make their partner happy. They are keen listeners and pay close attention to the tiniest of details. The Pisces men are known to be incredible in bed because they are so in tune with how their partner feels and how intuitive they are. These men are also creative and being romantic, they love cuddles.

Dating a Pisces Man

The Pisces man is known to move quickly once they know what and whom they want. They do not waste time and fall in love fast. They love being in love and they fall in love hard. The Pisces men are known to not think straight when their partners are involved and are always known to be the nurturers in the relationship. They love providing for their partner but find it hard to accept gifts or any form of help from them. Always remember to appreciate them and ask them if they are okay and if they are struggling.


The Pisces man will always never reveal things that mean the world to him and will only be his true self once he is in the company of the people he trusts. It takes years to be included in the circle of his close friends and while he is known to be extremely social, he has a few whom he considers as his friends. The Pisces man is also known for his sensitivity and how he treats others with kindness. They will always put the needs of others before theirs, and they often find it difficult to ask for help because they do not like troubling anyone or causing stress to anyone.


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