Everything You Need To Know About a Pisces Woman: Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Nov 30 2021

A Pisces woman is known to be compassionate, caring, and empathetic. She tends to worry more about her family and friends than she does for herself. Below is everything you should know about a Pisces woman, be it her good or bad traits, how she is in love and sex, etc. 

Pisces Woman Good Traits 

A Pisces woman is very creative. She is extremely talented when it comes to dancing, singing, drawing, and writing. These hobbies give her an outlet for her emotions. It lets her process her strong feelings in a healthy way. A Pisces woman can also make a living out of her creativity. She is not the type of person who works 9 to 5 because she hates routine. She would prefer working in an environment where she gets to use her creative skills.  

Pisces can be called the sweetest sign of all the zodiac signs. A Pisces woman is always ready to do anything for her family and friends. She will never leave anyone hanging. She will offer help to anyone who is in need of it. If you call her in need, she will drop everything for you. A Pisces woman usually comes across as a nurturer. She will make sure that everyone is having a great time around her. If she notices someone crying, she will become sad too. She gets in contact with other people’s emotions. It’s her nature to feel others’ emotions deeply.  

Pisces Woman Bad Traits 

A Pisces woman can be called lazy and indecisive. Although she is a dreamer with big goals, she doesn’t do anything to achieve those goals. She would rather daydream about a bright future than make efforts to create that future for her. She loves escapism because it gives her a chance to forget about her problems. She would choose to live in a dream world than a real world. 

A Pisces woman trusts very easily. She always sees the best in everybody so she gets taken advantage of usually. She can be called gullible. She will never be able to notice who is betraying her or lying to her. Even if she finds out, she will forget and forgive. She is the type who gives a trillion chances.  She is too kind that is why she often settles for less than she actually deserves.  

Pisces Woman in Love & Sex 

A Pisces woman tends to get attached to a new partner very easily. When she falls in love, she falls hard. She is not compatible with signs like Aries and Scorpio who require plenty of space. She wants to spend every possible moment with her partner. She doesn’t like to wait to see her lover again. She can be called needy. She is not going to feel fulfilled in a relationship if she doesn’t get to spend enough quality time with her partner.  

A Pisces woman loves sex but only with someone, she is dating. She is not interested in one-night stands or flings. She believes in developing a strong emotional connection before developing a physical connection. However, a Pisces woman is shy about her desires. She will not talk about her turn-ons even with her partner. She would rather do whatever her partner says. 

Dating a Pisces Woman 

A Pisces woman is very sensitive. You should watch your tone when you are around her because she will notice the tiniest change in your behavior. She can even take your compliments in the wrong way. If you decide to date a Pisces woman, you should check in with her every day. You should keep reminding her that you care about her and love her. If you do not appreciate her the way she deserves, she will get the feeling of one-sided love. She will keep wondering whether you have lost interest in her or want somebody else.  


A Pisces woman is known to be emotional. When she is in a bad mood, it’s almost impossible to get her out of it. She resides in her sadness for a long time. She finds it difficult to overcome heartbreak because she cared deeply about that person. Although she is very forgiving, if someone crosses an unforgivable line, she will hold grudges against that person for her life. A Pisces woman rarely lives in the present. You can find her daydreaming either about the past or the future. She loves to take care of others but will not let anyone take care of her.   



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