Everything You Need To Know About a Sagittarius Man: Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Nov 03 2021

The astrological sign Sagittarius is natives who are born between November 22 to December 21. The Fire sign, Sagittarius, is represented with a bow and arrow. Symbolizing half man and half horse, this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of abundance, luck, truth, and fortune.

These individuals are well known for their extroverted and free-spirited personalities. Their enthusiasm inspires others and they are the life of the party. With their intense personalities, they possess the unique capability of charming others. They are dedicated, highly energetic, brilliant entertainers and individuals who find themselves standing apart from the orthodox monotonous routine of life.

Sagittarius Man Good Traits

One of the biggest qualities of a Sagittarius man is that they never run out of fuel. They are always energetic and find their way of keeping others entertained. They view the world through the eyes of wonderful rainbows colors. They deny abiding by the general norms that are set by society and will always follow their creative instinct to produce something else. These are individuals are adventurous buddies who are always opting for the unconventional method to seek the truth. By the virtue of this trait, they not only gain wisdom of the world but also make them more experienced than the rest.

They love meeting new personalities and love being surrounded by the crowd and making connections with people belonging to various backgrounds. Their optimistic energy makes them great people to draw inspiration from. No matter what the circumstances are, they are never out of fuel to drive the sense of positivity home within others. These individuals give more value to the experience rather than the materialistic pleasure of abundance and expensive gifts.

Sagittarius Man Bad Traits

Sagittarius men can be very charming and have their unique way of initiating a smooth conversation with a stranger. However, they aren’t always true with their intentions. They can be sometimes very egoistic and might be constantly in seek of attention from others. One of the worst personality traits of Sagittarius men is that they can be very narcissistic. They are always looking for ways to get admired by others and get appreciated for their charismatic and dynamic personalities. Being a fire sign, they are just looking for praise and admiration.

Sagittarius men are also very blunt. They can be brutally honest about their emotions which can be very hurtful to others. They have no filter when it comes to expressing their emotions. Emotionally they are very detached from others and are unreliable for a committed friendship and relationship.

Sagittarius Man in Love & Sex

Either Sagittarius men are too confident or way too cocky. They are courageous to face the truth and are never afraid of rejection. But when it comes to flirting, they enjoy the attention-seeking game. That necessarily doesn’t imply that they are interested in a serious relationship with you. Rather, Sagittarius men are unreliable when it comes to serious commitment. These individuals get mere pleasure in leading the way and inspiring people around them. This boosts their confidence and ego.

Sagittarius men are generally very independent when it comes to different aspects of life. Therefore, in a love relationship, they aren’t always very genuine. However, when it comes to hot sex, Sagittarius men enjoy the fun ride. He loves having sharing close physical intimacy in the bed. His charismatic personality often acts as a magnet attracting others towards them. They often use this as an opportunity to hook up with others.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

It can be a little tricky when it comes to dating a Sagittarius Man. They initially like the chase as they like the game. However, he will soon get bored of running behind someone. They are generally very self-sufficient and know their way of getting things in life. Even when it comes to a potential partner they deny running after someone and sometimes can also be very blunt with their approach. He would avoid someone sensitive as they are unable to handle different circumstances with them. They are always in the hope of playing the dominant role in their relationship.


Sagittarius men are a little different from the rest. They have their ways of getting things sorted in life. Their optimistic and charismatic personality serves as a magnet for them to attract others. Dating them can be an enriching journey and you must get prepared for the rollercoaster ride ahead.


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