Everything You Need To Know About a Taurus Man: Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Nov 03 2021

A Taurus man is reliable, stubborn, and independent. He does not like being spontaneous and adventurous that is why he does not like change. He prefers a schedule and routine. Here is everything you should know about a Taurus man:

Taurus Man Good Traits

Taurus man is ambitious and hardworking. He does not hesitate in putting efforts towards his goals. He understands that he is not going to get success before doing the hard work. He enjoys routine so he is okay with working towards the same objective daily. It is his reason to get up from bed in the morning. It builds a sense of purpose in his life.

Taurus man is mature, responsible, and dependable. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. He will never let down his family and friends. He means what he says and never tells white lies. He cannot tolerate dishonesty. Taurus has strong morals which he refuses to compromise on. That is why you can always trust him.

Taurus Man Bad Traits

Taurus man is known to be stubborn. He has set his path clear and doesn't wish to change it. Sometimes, he ends up being in a troubling situation because he prefers suffering to transition. He can't cope with authority because he likes to do things his way. He does want anybody to tell him how to behave. He thinks that he understands what is in his best interest and that is why he does not listen to anyone.

Taurus man is shy and selfish also. He does not say the right thing at the right time. Taurus is extremely honest and doesn't care whether his opinion can hurt somebody's feelings. He likes to keep things to himself, so he can look uncaring and cold. His shyness makes it difficult for him to make new friendships. That is why he embraces his old ones.

Taurus Man in Love and Sex

Taurus man can take a lot of time to warm up near you. He is usually not very comfortable with new people so he doesn't like to jump straight into a relationship. Instead, he would move slowly which means you need patience with them. Most of the time, a Taurus man relationship starts as a friendship. He takes things step by step because he does not want to end up getting hurt.

Taurus man enjoys sex only when he is with someone he loves. He is not the type to have one-night stands. He prefers committing himself to one person who makes him happy. He wants to date his best friend. He wants someone who makes him laugh as well as moan. Nothing in between is accepted.

Dating a Taurus Man

Taurus man is always looking for consistency and stability. He wants to build a home with his favorite person. When he comes into a relationship, he is not thinking of leaving anytime soon. He becomes committed to living. He does not like temporary relationships. He is looking for permanent things. Otherwise, he doesn't want to waste his time.

Taurus man wants to get his fair share of arguments throughout a relationship. He will not compromise with his partner. That is why he needs someone who can stand up for him. Therefore, he does not want to be with somebody who is very pushy. Taurus does not like to be pushed out of his comfort zone. He needs a partner who does not get bored with a routine just like them.


Taurus man is dependable, loyal, and trustworthy. He takes a lot of time adjusting to new people. But once he starts to care about somebody, he gets attached to them. He will not leave that person's side no matter what. He will want to spend each day with them. That is why he is great at committed relationships.

As he is loyal, he expects his partner to be the same. He knows exactly what he wants but does not always say that out loud. Taurus man does not like adventure and likes doing the same thing each day. He would prefer knowing what life holds for him instead of getting surprised. He is too scared to face the unknown.

Taurus man is a hard worker so he makes a great employee. Once he gets his hand on a project then he will stop only when he finishes it. However, he can find it difficult to multitask.


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