Everything You Need To Know About an Aquarius Woman: Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Nov 30 2021

An Aquarius woman can be called creative, independent, and unique. She doesn’t care about fitting herself in the crowd. She prefers being herself. Here is everything you should know about an Aquarius woman be it her traits, compatibility in love and sex, etc. 

Aquarius Woman Good Traits 

An Aquarius woman is known to be a visionary. She is very much interested in technology and science because she desires to make this world a better place. She considers herself a problem solver. When she notices something wrong, she feels this urge to make it right. On the plus side, she is very intelligent so she can carry a conversation about anything. She can be the most interesting person in a room.  

However, an Aquarius woman is not good at pretending. If she finds someone boring, she is not going to stick around anymore to chat with that person. She doesn’t like to waste her time on peers who bore her. If her mind is not stimulated, she will become restless. She likes to surround herself with her equals. Time is valuable to her so she becomes picky about whom she will let into her life. She refuses to waste her time. 

Aquarius Woman Bad Traits 

Aquarius can be called one of the most uncertain signs of all the zodiac signs. It is hard to find out what she is thinking at a given time because she has a habit of keeping her cards near to the chest. Plus, she is moody. She doesn’t prefer to share her feelings so when she is angry, most of the time, it will come out of the blue. She will explode anywhere anytime without explaining what is wrong. An Aquarius woman is pessimistic so gets frustrated easily. She cannot take it even if one thing gets wrong. 

An Aquarius woman is very stubborn. She assumes that is the smartest one among all the people all the time. She is not interested in compromising as she thinks she is always right. Her confidence sometimes helps her but it hurts her also. It makes her seem cold, detached, and cocky. She tends to think with her mind not her heart so she often hurts feelings. She is not at all empathetic.  

Aquarius Woman in Love & Sex 

An Aquarius woman is sensitive. It takes her some time to open up to strange people as she does not wish to get hurt. Mostly her relationships begin as a friendship. Once she learns to confide in you after a while, this friendship can take the form of something intense. Till then, you will probably not learn that much about her. Although she is chatty, she doesn't talk about her emotions. She will put you at arm’s length. She is attracted to people who are unique like her.  

An Aquarius woman loves sex but she will choose a committed relationship to sleeping for one night. After all, she is concerned about mental stimulation instead of physical stimulation. She will not date someone only because that person has good looks. Appearances are just a plus point to her. She is interested in intelligent and clever people. She needs to know that she is dating an equivalent.  

Dating an Aquarius Woman 

If you are thinking of dating an Aquarius woman, you should give her very much space. Do not even try to restrict or control her because she will run away. She needs her freedom even if she is in a committed relationship. She wants to follow her dreams and hobbies and does not want her partner to hold her back. If you want to date an Aquarius woman, you should encourage her and support her in doing her thing. You can’t stick to her at all times. It will only overwhelm her.  

While dating an Aquarius woman, you should learn how to be patient. Let her be the one setting the speed of the relationship. Keep in mind, dating is not a very important thing for her. She cares more about her career than her personal relationships. 


An Aquarius woman is independent. She knows how to look after herself so she doesn’t need a relationship to be happy. However, at the same time, she is extremely social. She loves people. She is the happiest when she is in groups. She loves to communicate with others and learn more about other people. She is open-minded and progressive. She is not interested in knowing what society thinks about her.   



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