Everything You Need To Know About an Aries Man: Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Nov 03 2021

Through Astrology, you can know many things about a person. To quote, Aries men are fierce, adventurous, impulsive, and passionate. The traits that they possess make them a dream partner for some of the zodiac signs and at the same time a night terror for others. Here are things you should know about an Aries man.

Aries Man Good Traits

An Aries man is diligent, intense, and enthusiastic. He puts 100 percent effort into everything he does. He will not stop until he has reached his dreams or found his dream person. Aries man makes a great partner in a relationship because he does not mind hard work. He is willing to go to the next level to make his partner happy.

Spontaneous can also be the word that can describe an Aries man. He can whisk his partner away on a romantic trip without any warning! Even if he seems selfish sometimes, deep down he is very romantic. He is not the one who will settle for the same boring date each week. He is all about trying out something new like going for a date at a new restaurant or visiting a different city.

Aries Man Bad Traits

An Aries man can be very stubborn. After all, the sign's symbol is the ram. He is not so great at striking a balance because he thinks he knows the best. He has a short temper which makes arguments inescapable. If you come into a relationship with an Aries man, blowups can be expected. Fortunately, Aries doesn't like to hold grudges. He forgets and forgives.

He is also unpredictable and impulsive. He will share any random thought that comes into his head. Sometimes he is considered unfeeling and cold because he is brutally honest. He does not think about the consequences of his actions. Although Aries man is a lovable creature deep down, he may seem intimidating at first.

Aries Man in Love and Sex

When in a relationship, Aries man can be obsessive. Once he sets his eyes on someone or something he cannot stop thinking about getting it. He is passionate so he will not be afraid to express his feelings about you. He will be straightforward and honest with you whether he wants a relationship with you or wants to sleep with you. You will not have to estimate what he is thinking about because he will make it crystal clear for you. When an Aries man is in love, he makes decisions with his heart, not his head.

When it comes to sex, Aries man is not shy. After all, Mars is his ruling planet. This planet symbolizes animalistic passion and outward activity. He is fierce in and out of the bedroom. He knows exactly what he wants from his partner and does not hesitate to ask for it. However, he loves being surprised.

Dating an Aries Man

He is independent if he is an Aries. He loves to spend time alone so he cannot stay with a clingy partner. He needs very much space and time for himself. Otherwise, he will be feeling suffocated. He can break up with you to release himself from your expectations.

Aries man has trouble talking about his emotions. He may claim that he does not care what other people think about him but he is secretly sensitive deep down. He can get upset very easily but will not let others see him cry. Instead, he will get furious. This is the reason he seems tough, not vulnerable. He does not want anyone messing with him.


Aries can be considered the most confident among all zodiac signs but it is only on the outside. He is sensitive and insecure from the inside. He wants everybody to like him but will not say that out loud. He is known for expressing his feelings openly but he is not open to just anybody. Patience is what is needed with an Aries man.

He has a reason for his tough behavior and you will get to know that if you stay with him a little longer. However, do not get too clingy as he likes to spend time alone. Aries man loves freedom that is why he travels a lot and keeps exploring different places. He does not want anyone to tell him what to do as he loves independence. He likes to make his own decisions instead of receiving orders.


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