Explore the List of Most to Least Honest Zodiac Signs in Astrology

By astrology valley Sep 25 2021

Honestly is the most treasured possession of human civilization. But how many of us can lead our lives by uttering bare truths in all instances? 

Lies may be deceiving, but are they not an essential factor in carrying out our day-to-day activities? After all, a few healthy lives might save us from the wrath of our boss or perhaps that of our parents. 

But lies will never let you be at peace. The thought of having deceived someone will continue to haunt you till you have revealed the truth. Studies suggest that it is the honest ones that more often get involved in conflicts because of their inability to bear unfair things. 

Each zodiac has its way of expression and perception. So, let’s have a look at who is the most and the least honest amongst all. 


Lying to someone is a thought that does not even occur to a Sagittarius. They will seek solutions, but hardly ever resort to lying. Their honesty may be perceived as rudeness but a Sagittarius will nevertheless continue to be honest, no matter what the circumstances are. 


An Aries cannot hold back their opinions. However harsh their opinion might be, they would not hesitate in sharing it with you. They believe that honesty is the best policy and will never realize that this might have severe consequences. 


A sign is known for its wayward approach towards certain things in life, Leos will smash the truth to your face even though you may not have asked for their opinion. They do not believe in pleasing by concealing. This is part of why they make such great leaders. 


A Cancer, unlike the signs previously mentioned, will not unfold the truth unless you are close to them. They like to share the truth but will equally care about your feelings as well.  


A Virgo’s quest for contentment will not be over till they can make you come to terms with reality. But if you are close to them, they might spare you and will be willing to utter a few lies for the sake of your happiness. They will try not to hurt people and will never hurt their dear ones. 


A Taurus is opposed to the idea of arguments. You will never spot them involved in a conflict. And if ever a situation arises where they have to choose between peace and truth, they will rather compromise truth. If a lie is capable of preventing them from getting trapped in an argument, a Taurus will utter a lie. 


While most others will cover it up with lies unwilling for the sake of others, a Scorpio’s lies are mostly self-pleasing. They will not spare your feelings, and if you ever did something wrong to them, get ready to have a taste of your own medicine. 


Capricorn will often try to cover up with their humor, especially when it concerns their personal life. Only the closest to their heart will get to know who they truly are. For the rest, their reality remains shrouded in mystery. 


An Aquarius is that zodiac that will keep beating around the bush until they feel that you need to know the truth. But remember, their lies are meant for your benefit. Their intentions are pure and never self-seeking. 


They value feeling and this is what makes them utter lies so often. Without the slightest realization, the truth just slips out of their tongue. They are never repentant for having saved you with a simple lie, for they know they did it for good. 


People belonging to this zodiac cannot think of revealing their true self to anybody, not even the closest. They will lie and will protect their lies with further lies. The only ones they tend to be truthful with are their selves. 


A Gemini’s ability to weave stories is unmatched. Their harmless little lies are exactly what constructs their image in front of others. Their reluctance to utter the truth is oftentimes a measure that they adopt to prevent themselves from being hurt. 


While a lot of people are honest for various reasons, some may resort to lying. But unlike popular opinion, lies are not as bad as it seems to be. They could be someone’s savior in times of distress and may also offer emotional support. 


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