Gemini Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Sep 25 2021

About Gemini  

Gemini is the zodiac sign which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Geminians are fun-loving and talkative. They are the ones who love to socialize with people and what makes them stand out from others is the passion they have towards whatever they do. 

Geminians are easygoing and they don't take loads of things on them. Once you are with a Gemini be prepared for the conversation or exploration of never-ending adventurous living. They are truly fun people to be around because their vibes are positive and great. What makes these folks even greater is their outlook on life and the challenges put forth by it. 

As every coin has two faces, in the same way Geminians have few drawbacks too. Let us have a look at what are the positive and negative traits of Geminians. 

Positive traits & Characteristics of Gemini 

Easy going: Geminians are pretty cool and calm when it comes to various things happening around them. They don't bound themselves with anything that confines their way of thinking. This habit of Geminians makes them free from any kind of stress or load of things. Thus, they are easy-going with the things going on in their life. 

Humorous: Geminians are true fun-loving people. Being ruled by the Planet Mercury they tend to find happiness in everything which surrounds them. Their presence of mind and quick-witted responses in a given situation makes them the charmer amongst all. They are usually sarcastic in speech and tend to lighten the complexity of every situation no matter where they are. 

Energetic: Geminians are full of enthusiasm and energy. They are fully committed to their goals and aspirations because of which they are mostly filled with positive energy. Their energetic and enthusiastic aura is pretty positive that people with them love being around them. 

Flexible: Geminians understand the process of evolution and the importance of coping with the newer things. All of this makes them flexible and easy-going with things. This habit or ideology of Geminians helps them to grow in every aspect of life. Moreover, the older Geminians are even open to getting involved with new technologies 

Intellectual: Being around Geminians means having a person around who will help you to grow intellectually. Geminians are the ones who have a very sharp mind which always enables them to stand out of the crowd. Their intellectual presence makes things even better when it comes to making decisions that play a vital role in their growth in life.  

Versatile: Geminians are multitasking people. They love working on multiple things at a single time. This capability enables them to come up as responsible team leaders and managers. They are responsible for what they do and never fail to add a pinch of perfection into whatever task they are assigned to perform. 

Negative traits & Characteristics of Gemini 

Anxious: Geminians tend to get overly anxious about situations. This is the reason why they are incapable of working under pressure. Whenever any important event is lined up, it is for sure that the event will have a great impact on lives. The overthinker within Geminians starts working there off and these people start getting anxious about situations. 

Lack of Direction: Geminians lack direction. They are great in the execution of plans but making plans is not something where these Geminians master. This could be the major drawback of this zodiac sign. 

Superficial: Being ruled by the Planet Mercury, there is something left in them which makes them superficial in their behavior. They tend to believe in situations that are not even practical. They are many times stuck into the situation of what if it happens or what if it does not happen which even leads them to the loss of the real essence of a thing. 

Manipulator: Gemini as are the ones who might speak great things at your face but will whisper their real feelings at your back. They tend to sugarcoat things and save themselves from speaking their heart out. This might happen with them to maintain good relations with everyone around them. 

Lack of Seriousness: As mentioned earlier, Geminians are true fun-loving people and it is great to be around them but this habit may turn the table. Under the impression of habits like this, they tend to ignore the basic details of things which in result could be an issue to them. It is often suggested to them to bring some seriousness in their living to become a better version of themselves. 


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