Healthy Approaches to Job Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Admin Aug 25 2021

But, for even the best of us, most jobs put up a high fee in the form of stress.

And with that, are costly to the health of people.

Of course, “stress” is everywhere, and some are even “healthy”.

But, this is about chronic stress—on the “job” type of stress.

It’s the type that makes Sunday less holy, due to the Monday “dread”.

It’s the type where the common concern is whether your boss or colleague dislikes you (or vice versa), or whether you deserve that “raise”.

But, the great thing is that people aren’t machines, and we can channel innate personality tendencies and not compromise our health on the road to “success”.

Fortunately, the Zodiac signs can provide crucial information to us in this area, especially when it comes to approaches to cope with the onslaught of “job stress.”

Here’s a breakdown of each Zodiac Sign and what their view is to job stress, what they can use to combat it healthily, and the best signs that can make for healthy peer support.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Their View On Job Stress: The Aries is a sign that’ll likely push aside matters of health for job productivity. And, it’s not because they don’t like it, but because something else matters as far as their job is concerned. Whether it be moneysuccess, or competition, Aries will make “haste” to accomplish all of them, despite the toll it places on their bodies

The Healthy Approach: No amount of “firepower” can overcome the need to take a back seat on health, and Aries is no exception. But since they often cannot see themselves in other approaches, they should rely on a scheduler at least, so they can see a place for healthy habits.  If Aries can keep things in an orderly schedule rather than a list of “tasks”, they get a lot of things accomplished but avoid probable burnout, too.

Their Best Peer Support: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini


Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Their View On Job Stress: Probably out of all the Zodiac, Taurus will get affected the most in terms of physical health. They are, after all, reliant on their senses and respect their body’s systems of preservation. If a Taurus’ face cringes when a task is laid upon them, they’re often among the first to sense the long-term threat.

The Healthy Approach: What a Taurus needs to make is to identify the boundary between their job, and their healthy limits. And, arguably the best approach to that is to take things slow. If a Taurus can put their task at a pace that they’re comfortable with, they can get to success without dishonoring their system.

Their Best Peer Support: Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Their View On Job Stress: In terms of a healthy approach to the demands of the job, Gemini is among the top. And, it may even surprise people that they are often spread out in terms of their overall business. Though “busy” for a Gemini isn’t always on productivity on the job, but rather socialization (which kind of comes with the territory).

The Healthy Approach: A Gemini often needs no reason to talk and converse with anyone. It keeps them on their toes, but also satisfies their thirst for variety, and keeps them healthy on several emotional levels. If they can match their inherent social and verbal tendencies with a curiosity to know about the technical part of their job, Gemini’s a “shoe-in” for a successful and healthy career ahead.

Their Best Peer Support: Aquarius, Aries, Libra

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Their View On Job Stress: The great health threat to Cancer in their job space is their emotional attachments. For them, time with colleagues is a case of bonds close to that of a family, rather than cold metrics. This can result in Cancer’s health and performance rocketing to the moon if they’re praised, and nose dive to the depths of anxiety and depression if they’re frequently ignored or reprimanded. The latter, in particular, is not healthy—at all.

The Healthy Approach: Rather than get emotionally compromised with the opinions of close people, Cancer should make themselves as a mother figure. If they wish to put a metric on their job performance that’s healthy, they should prioritize their ability to care instead of judge. Cancer can become that dote parent that nags but defends their colleagues in times of need.

Their Best Peer Support: PiscesVirgo, Taurus, Scorpio

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Their View On Job Stress: Leo’s approach to health risks and job performance is complicated. For one thing, they rely on their job for them to get some validated and identified as important. On another, they can literally “bite off” more projects and company demands than they can chew (or even swallow) and end up chronically stressed with sleepless nights and probably an overreliance on stimulants.

The Healthy Approach: Fortunately, a Leo can take advantage of their need to succeed. If they can put their desires to include health-oriented projects, this can also count as a “plus” for their role as creative leaders. A Leo can take inspiration from the success of the military, where performance and health aren’t separate.

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