How to Cleanse Tarot Cards - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Mar 11 2023

You should cleanse your tarot cards every day, regardless of whether you are an experienced tarot reader or just beginning. This will purify the cards' energy and help you give more accurate readings.

Your energy can be stored in your cards, and the deck can be cleaned to release any remaining energy.

How to Clean Your Deck You should clean your tarot card deck before each use. If this is not possible, the following scenarios can be used to cleanse your tarot deck:

  • When it's new: When you receive your deck, it is important to cleanse it. The tarot card deck has been around a lot and has passed through many hands before it finally reached you. Cleaning it is a great way for you to get familiar with the tarot decks. After cleaning, you can place it under your pillow for three nights to form a stronger bond.

  • If someone else uses it: Negative energy can be transferred onto your cards by someone else using your deck. Also, you should clean the area where you are doing readings to neutralize the energy.

  • If you feel stressed: When you are under high stress, it is not a good time to read the cards because it will make it difficult to read the cards accurately. You should clean your tarot deck before performing a tarot card reading for someone else or yourself.

  • Take it with you when you travel: Your cards can pick up the energies of others if you take your deck with you when you travel. To be safe, clean them.

  • If your intuition tells you to: The more you use your cards, the more you will be in tune with your tarot card deck. If you feel that your cards need to be cleansed, take action. You might also feel the deck is in need of cleansing by shuffling and pulling a card.

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards There are many ways to cleanse your tarot card decks:

  • Crystals: Clear quartz and selenite are great crystals for cleaning tarot cards. To charge your crystal, place it on top of the deck. You may also place your deck on top of a large flat crystal.

  • Sunlight: Place your cards outdoors and let the sun shine on them. However, you should not leave your cards outside in direct sunlight as it can cause them to fade and may even cause damage. To purify their negative energy, you can wave them in the sun.

  • Moonlight: To cleanse your tarot cards, place them under direct moonlight. To get the best cleaning, place your tarot deck under the full moon and then add a crystal to it.

  • Smoke: The best way to cleanse your tarot deck is with smoke. To lightly cleanse your deck of tarot cards, you can use copal incense or palo santo. To get the best results, clean the area where you read.

  • Knocking: It is simple and quick to clean your deck before you shuffle.

  • Sound: You can purify your deck with frequency music, bells, and singing bowls.

  • Salt: Salt is one of the oldest purifying methods. To cleanse your deck, sprinkle sea salt over it or leave it in a bowl of salt overnight.

Before Your Tarot Reading After cleaning your deck, place it in a safe and calm environment. Set a goal for your reading and light a candle. It may be helpful to play some relaxing music in the background. Start by shuffling your cards with an intention. This intention could be expressed as "I'm doing relationship readings, and I need clarification." As you shuffle, focus on the question.

Clearer readings will result in less stagnant energy. Make sure you clean your deck between readings. For best results, we recommend using multiple cleansing methods.