How to Read Tarot Cards - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Feb 08 2023

To read and use tarot effectively, you need a combination of intuition and a solid understanding of symbols. There are various methods and everyone will eventually discover their own. This guide provides steps to get started with card reading.

Shuffle and reset the cards:

Take a moment to reflect on areas in your life you need more clarity while shuffling the cards. Connect with the deck by shuffling and manipulating the cards. Intuition is a crucial part of the process. Shuffle at least once to clear the cards, but feel free to shuffle as many times as needed. You can also cut the deck into three pieces and rearrange them. Keep the cards facing down until you're ready.

Try a 3-card tarot spread:

Tarot spreads provide a structure to examine your questions. A spread represents a different aspect of your question and doesn't need to be used in every reading. A past, present, and future spread is an excellent way to get familiar with the cards. Draw the top card from the deck and place them from left to right.

Get first impressions:

Before delving into the meanings of each card, scan the cards and take note of your reactions to the images, emotions, feelings, objects, and colors. Pay attention to your immediate reaction.

Interpret card meanings and positions:

If you're new to tarot, have a reference handy, either from your tarot deck or online. You can improve your reading skills and eventually rely less on these resources. Consider how the meaning of the cards relates to your question and try to tell a story using the cards.

End the reading:

Conducting a ritual, treating the cards with respect, and giving them significance can impact your perspective. Thank your cards after the reading and ensure secure storage.

Practice and improve:

You will become more comfortable reading the cards over time. Familiarize yourself with the patterns and systems in their meanings, such as the relationships between the minor arcana suits and how the major arcana tells a story. This will help you navigate future readings.