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by Astrology Valley Feb 13 2023

Tarot readers have been using divination for advice for centuries. It's understandable that one would trust this mystical practice to guide them through the ups and downs of life. Tarot can be an effective tool in helping to understand a situation and gain clarity in relationships. Before delving into the specifics of this practice, such as the meanings of each tarot card or the use of tarot spreads, it is crucial to understand how to shuffle the tarot cards.

The manner in which you shuffle your cards can reflect your personal touch, just as tarot readings can differ based on the interpreter. Mariah Oller, the creator of Tarot of Life and owner of modern tarot resource Harvest and Moon, states to Bustle that every tarot reader has a unique method of shuffling cards. "The thickness and material of the card stock, their size and the reader's dexterity, as well as the reader's preferred method of shuffling, are all factors that influence their choice of shuffling technique."

The size of the deck can also impact one's preferred method of shuffling. Overhand shuffling is a suitable option if the deck is larger than standard playing cards. Shuffling serves a single purpose: to connect the physical world with the divine and to ground oneself. Finding a technique that allows for focus and meditation is crucial. It doesn't matter if you prefer a traditional casino shuffle or a different way of cutting the deck. There is no wrong way to shuffle the cards; it all comes down to personal preference.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Shuffling tarot cards starts with cleansing the deck. Oller suggests using a prayer to protect the deck and then using the riffle shuffle method to clear any negative energy. You can also use an affirmation like "I cleanse this deck from any negative energy it might contain" to purify the energy.

After cleansing the deck, it's time to shuffle. The most common techniques used by tarot readers are overhand shuffling and riffle shuffling. Tarot readers also use various other methods, such as spreading the cards in a row or mixing the cards into a pile.

When building your deck, consider the purpose of your question. This will help bring clarity and allow the cards to guide you. Choose a card when the moment feels right, and pay attention to any cards that stand out or are lost in the shuffle.

You don't have to choose multiple cards for each question. Oller suggests asking three questions and then laying all the cards on the table to interpret them. This can help you see the bigger picture and understand what needs to be shared.

You have two options for shuffling your deck: at the beginning of your reading to select your number of cards, or between each card draw. You can choose the option that helps you center yourself and concentrate on your question.

Types of Shuffling Methods for Tarot Cards

Overhand Shuffling

Overhand shuffling is a technique that provides you with a lot of control. To perform an overhand shuffle, simply hold the deck of cards in your dominant hand. Using your non-dominant hand, take a few cards from the deck. Then, move the cards from your dominant hand to your non-dominant hand, using your index and thumb to keep them tightly gripped. Continue to move the cards from left to right and mix them in a random order. Finally, cut the cards using the ones in your non-dominant hand.

Riffle Shuffling or Casino Shuffle

The riffle shuffle is a popular technique that is often used by casino dealers. To perform a riffle shuffle, cut the deck in half using this technique. Then, take one pile in each hand and align the top corners of the cards to form a bridge. Finally, shuffle the cards.

Pile Shuffling

Pile shuffling is a simple method that is perfect for beginners and those with a large deck of cards. Mix your cards and place them in a pile on the ground. Focus on your question, ask it, then put the cards in a pile. Choose a card or let your intuition guide you in picking a card from the pile.

Jumper Method

The Jumper method is different from other shuffling styles as it is not intentional. This method involves pulling cards that seem to "jump" or fall out of the deck while shuffling.