Interpretation of the twin flame concept made easy

by astrology valley Aug 29 2021

You might have heard of the term "soulmates" but did you know there is something known as "twin flames". Some of you may know about this but for those who don't, I will clear all your doubts here in this article.  

Now the question that arises- What does twin flames exactly mean? Let me clear you the meaning of soulmates first. Soulmates can be defined as two persons or should I say souls with the same level of energy. Whereas twin flames are your literal other half. To clear it twin flames are the ones who complete you - you both are two halves of the same piece. They also come to be known as twin souls, considered to be an incredibly powerful connection to have. 

Twin flame relationships can be so beautiful. You can be friends or lovers or both! You learn from each other, fall together and grow together. You complete each other.

In this article, you will get to know more about twin flames, the stages of a twin flame relationship, and how to know if you found your twin flame. So, let's dig right in! 

The twin flame concept 

If you are completely unaware of this concept then don't worry I am here to help you out. Your twin flame is your highest level soulmate and they are a romantic mate. You may or may not be in love with your soulmate but you are definitely in love with your twin flame. You might have heard couples say that their partner is their other half or they complete them, which means they have met their twin flame. You can have more than one soulmate but your twin flame is only one. You may or may not meet them in this lifetime but that doesn't mean they don't exist. A twin flame can be considered a romantic soulmate. 

Stages in a twin flame relationship 

Every couple faces several stages throughout their relationship. The twin flame relationship is something different so I have divided it into 7 different stages to help you get a clear look.  


This is the first time you will meet each other and you both will feel an instant connection.  

Feeling Love 

This is the time you will feel the powerful and incredible love towards each other.  

Getting into a relationship and feeling the butterflies 

Now, you both have decided to come into a relationship. Everything seems so perfect, so beautiful to you. You feel like you have got all the happiness in the world. If it is a romantic relationship then the intimacy will be intense. 

Problems arise 

Everything can't be perfect for a long time. Twins are like mirrors, you know good things about yourself but you get to see the darker side of you in your twin flame. This can be difficult to handle. This is the time to focus on solving your issues individually. 

Runner- Chaser 

In this stage, one of you is trying to run away from the relationship (runner) and the other is trying to chase the one running (chaser). This happens because one of you is more evolved and the other one is less evolved. The less evolved one tries to run away. If you are not in the same place then you may get apart from each other. It can be for a short period like days or a longer period like years. 


This is the stage where you both realize that there is something special between you two that you can't break. You both accept each other's flaws and want to be in each other's lives more than anything. You start to heal and healing takes you to the final stage. 


Now you two get back together and feel immense love towards each other. 

How to know if you found your twin flame? 

Several signs will help you notice that you have found your twin flame. Although your twin flame may not necessarily be your same age. When you meet your twin flame you will know in your heart that this is your other half. You will feel this instant connection that you never have felt before. You will feel at home with them. You will feel very comfortable when you are with them. You both will have a lot in common. You'll feel like you have met them before.